Love and Grow with Positivity

On Episode 11 of Love and Grow we discussed Positivity and being in a positive state of mind.  Being positive in all areas of life is so important.  Positive thinking can effect your business and your happiness.  Negative thinking can also have an effect on your business and your happiness.  Usually when you start something […]


First Impressions-Love, Grow, and Communicate!

Love and Grow
  • by Shivhon Adkins
  • Apr 03, 2016
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This week Stacy and I recorded our first episode of Love & Grow .  Many of you are familiar with Stacy and her journey, you have heard my name on various Comfort Killers podcasts and video recordings, however we totally skipped an Intro! Who is Shivhon? Well from our broadcast last night you can see […]