A Year in the Bag – Reflect, Reconfigure and Refocus.

A Year in the Bag – Reflect, Reconfigure and Refocus. I do 3 things every single day. Write in my Journal Focus on 1 Affirmation Read thoroughly 1 Law of the 48 Laws of Power I want to discuss the 3rd daily task in this article. It goes hand in hand with the topic of […]


PMO 101: Your Guiding Compass to Success

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  • Jun 03, 2017
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As with season changes normally, promotions become effective. You’ve been a fantastic project manager. Your projects and schedules matched. You have a knack for getting cross functional teams to get their particular task complete on time to fit into the bigger picture. You’ve done such a great job; your organization asks you to put together […]


Are You an “Accidental Leader?” Become a great leader instead!

Accidental Leader

Are You an “Accidental Leader?” Become a great leader instead!  Many of us have titles associated with positions. Titles such as; manger, supervisor, team lead, lead technician and even ones such as teacher, administrator, or parent. In these roles, we think nothing of trying to be a better (insert title), ____________ by reading books, listening […]


Millennials are Your Solution if You Are Prepared, Here’s Why! Article by Kevin Ward


Millennials your problem, really? They are your solution if you are prepared! To know where to go from here, let’s explore how we got here to start with. I will give you a snapshot of each of the current generations in the workforce currently. We will track them in four areas: general culture, family structure, […]


An Essay on Fear by Dr. Cara

An Essay on Fear by Dr. Cara When I think my fears, one of the biggest examples that comes to mind was my trip to Ghana. I was training to be a pediatrician and had an opportunity to go on a one-month away rotation at a foreign hospital. I contacted an organization that helped match […]


Moving Outside Your Comfort Zone by Andrew McDonald


Andrew McDonald of PossessYourSuccess.Com contributes this awesome article to The Comfort Killers. This article will tell you WHY moving outside your comfort zone is critical to success and growth. We would like to thank Andrew for sharing awesome information to the CK community. It’s good to be in a position where you feel a certain […]


Hello Team Comfort Killers!

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  • May 12, 2016
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Let me take a second to introduce myself-  my name’s Jim and I have been a Comfort Killer all of my life.  I just wasn’t aware until I started to listen the one and only Stacy Cross! I am excited to join this quickly growing team and community of Comfort Killers.  A big thanks goes […]