Thou Shalt Not Spread Negativity

  • by Stacy Cross
  • Oct 02, 2017
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Spreading Negativity is #FAKENEWS

Crazy, beautiful world we live in! I must say, I’ve tried to limit negativity in my life for over a year now and its seeping through still via apps such as twitter, Facebook, and my alternative article aggregator, Business Insider. People are still the #1 source for bad news data and at this rate, you have to plan to protect.

What I am doing is protecting my subconscious. I teach you 4 ways how to do this, in my recent podcast: The Subconscious Reprogram. Take the time to listen and take action on the practical resources provided.

So what’s this about negativity?

When Hurricane Harvey was dumping down on Texas, I remember calling my mother for a quick chat. The T.V was loud in the background and I asked what she was watching. She replied that she never changes the channel, it’s always on CNN – The Weather Tracker.

I asked if they were any new updates? Nope. Just the recent models and videos, maps and data replayed over and over again. She still doesn’t understand why I wouldn’t want to watch the news and always finds some angle to tell me I should pay attention to what is happening in the world more.

What is the gain?

The downside of feeding constant negativity, hurt, pain, scarcity, lack, depression, anxiety, crime and tension to your consciousness is that it does something to keep you ‘safe’ – Your subconscious expects the worse all the time, and you end up living in fear and remove any living-ness about you. You aren’t living when you are constantly worried. You are killing yourself. I tell all my friends (those that decided to actually stay) that if what they have to say to me is negative they mustn’t waste my time. This is why I shut off cable. This is why I accept negativity as a learning experience and detach emotionally from the whole thing.

What is happiness?

For me its living. Going after my dreams, a progress and having goals. It’s in achievement, attainment and fulfillment. I’m not even speaking about money here.

In my other, other podcast episode, I talk about the Pursuit to Happiness and answer basic questions in order to bring about a new self talk for people.

What about those who are hurt and died?

I believe no one really dies. Their body may be unusable but I really don’t believe in death how everyone else sees it. For awhile, I was scared to die, which means I was scared to live. Death is a beautiful thing which brings about transformation and change. Everyone is on their own journey here on earth.

A quote from my new favorite book reads:

“To grow spiritually, we have to get out of the emotion. That doesn’t mean that you are’t going to help people or be a kind person. The idea just detaches you from being flip-flopped around by every political or social even that enhances the ego or detracts from its opinions. ” – Stuart WIlde

Whether you are personally affected by recent events of our times or not – it will be a learning experience for us all.

My heart goes out to you in both cases.

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross