The Comfort Killers Academy

Why I created The Comfort Killers Academy and Why you should start a business that matters?

Whoever told you building a business from scratch is easy as 1-2-3, ask for a refund or go back to multi-level marketing. This past summer, round June, I realized that I didn’t have a product. I had intellectual property with my name on it and a trademarked brand and company but I had nothing to sell. It’s seemingly like that for a lot of people.

I also realized that I was getting misinformed about entrepreneurship on a whole and its not the fault of the industry, I don’t blame them – I just wasn’t taking matters in my own hands. This means, producing income generating value.

I used what I had – connections, video, information and turned it into a business. I understand that many will not believe in self-improvement as much as I do. It did so much for me to work on myself, to take the time to build, learn, fail, thrust, energize, and fail some more. We love personal development. Comfort Killers love learning about me and about behaviors and feedback loops and consciousness and power and love. I love experiencing life – love turning it into an adventure. I absolutely love opening my mouth.

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Here are my reasons, dispositions and experience in creating The Comfort Killers Academy.

  1. Create a platform entirely made up of Comfort Killers, individuals who believe in self-improvement.

Yes. A website is needed and you can definitely gain traction on Facebook Groups but I knew that I wanted to created a back office, vaulted and locked platform where I can let loose and give 1000% Behind the closed doors we are sharing real information and data. Those that understand this data and appreciate it are the leaders of this movement. Our CK members provide feedback and are helping the growth of the business on the back-end.

Lesson: Facebook is a distraction.

2. You need revolving energy.

Energy is money and money flows to energy. I knew that the business had to be created from energy and totally independent of anything else. I don’t want to wait for a patch to ship, or pills or an affiliate link that someone may never click. If it is to be, its up to me.

Lesson: subscription model

3. Create a action plan, implement it and measure. 

Most entrepreneurs are shooting in the dark and don’t even have goals. They think its a big game to run up and down daily snapping and chatting and really are not producing anything interesting – they spend more time on social media than they do creating the life that they want. You must be meticulously focused on your goal and the plan to carry you to the goal. Little by little, day by day, measure what it produces and keep going.

Lesson: stop shooting in the dark.

Get in the game. Build a business that makes a difference in people’s lives. I get emails, messages and requests everyday from individuals that heard or saw my material – they are thankful for the value I provided and they want to show their appreciation. This gets me all fuzzy inside because I know why I am doing it, I know how bad I want it and how long I am ready to go to attain it. Long haul not a long shot.

Maybe its a money / financial thing that held me back for years. I didn’t understand then that it didn’t really matter if you aren’t outflowing energy. No amount of money will get your business built ethically and organically. We respect the shiny things but never want to do the work and that’s the problem. Maybe even an American problem right now.

I was called the other day working @ the resource center “Hey, this gentleman is at the gate, he states that he doesn’t have any money, no food and has diabetes and was wondering if he can get a voucher” – this is what I am trying to prevent in the future.

As humans we have an obligation to help, to add value, to focus on the deed. I believe in self improvement and that the power within creates the world without. I believe in shifting the collective consciousness to a place of independence and freedom. Why? In order to freely think, enjoy, laugh, do, grow and believe.

That is why I created The Comfort Killers & Academy – We are an army of individuals creating a better future. If you believe in that – then join us!

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross