Dr. Tosha Parker Meredith Gets Uncomfortable in the Military by Getting Comfortable With Who She Was

How One Gay Christian Soldier Didn’t Ask And Didn’t Tell

A personal quest to freedom in life and business.

Dr. Tosha Parker-Meredith aka “Doc” is a highly decorated military veteran with over 24 years of service. She has multiple educational degrees specializing in business administration, leadership, and training.

Author of bestselling book, “Didn’t Ask, Didn’t Tell: The Life of a Gay Christian Soldier” Dr. Tosha shares her quest to overcome adversity and policy in the military system to find her personal FREEDOM. Dr. Tosha is definitely breaking the mold in business and life, reaching individuals internationally through a virtual landscape running an online church. Her goal is to bring her church on the moon and on mars


I love connecting with outliers in all industry and all walks of life. Dr. Tosha is an outlier.

An outlier is a person that stands out from a group, unique to the masses and carries with them a wealth of information that can change the world.

I consider myself an outlier as well as the army of Comfort Killers that stand behind something they believe in. Dr. Tosha came with so much energy you can taste it. We were to do a show about her story and business. Her story is much needed today because we ALL have been in situations whether gay or not that has caused us to be something we are not. For instance, I remember going to nursing school, wearing dresses, and acting a certain way to appease society. I put a filter on who I was and what I am in this world to provide to keep a smiling face on the public. In order to stop the questions. I totally get it.

Dr TOsha Military

In this episode, we also discuss Dr. Tosha’s business acumen around running her online / virtual church ( Kingdom International Ministries) as if it were google. She is totally in love with metrics and keeping stats and feedback as an ongoing conversation.

She is focused on legacy and has a big goal to carry her there: Having her virtual church on the MOON, MARS and is not bound to earth.

You will learn a lot from watching this episode as many nuggets were dropped about personal awareness, confidence, stepping out into your own and how to overcome the monster.

It is with great pleasure I bring you – Dr. Tosha Parker-Meredith!