Why do we fail?

I believe we try to do it all on our own. By ourselves which hurts. Hurt me like hell when I failed at previous business ventures. Hurt like hell when I didn’t have the right information to apply in my business. Hurt like hell to watch my finances dwindle to zero.

Why do we succeed?

I learn and model from people who have done it before and who are willing to teach me a thing or two on the topic of success. Success is defined as a favorable or desired outcome. Those that have planned and created. Those that have done exactly what they set out to do. I learned that taking chances, getting uncomfortable, never settling and having tough mental attitude are all needed to succeed. I am on a mission to millions using The Comfort Killers as a vehicle to get me there.

Reaching Millions

I began my journey on February 14th 2016. I took massive action to reach this place right here. I created a mission for myself and this company and that was to teach MILLIONS how to get uncomfortable. Throughout my journey, I realized that people learn best watching someone else doing it. I get hundreds of comments, messages and emails each day asking me questions about HOW I DID IT.

I want to measure it. I want to make this journey measurable so I can answer everyone asking. During  this incredible journey, I will be interviewing, speaking, writing a book, adopting new business techniques, creating products, building relationships, coaching individuals, running an online group, developing courses and sharing it all with YOU, my Comfort Killers.

Am I referencing millions of dollars or millions of people? Both!

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross