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Mobile Phone “Comfort Killers Manifesto” Wallpaper


The Comfort Killers Manifesto Wallpaper is for Comfort Killers worldwide.

For IPhone Users

  1. Push down on the wallpaper you want to use until a menu shows up, choose Save Image and it will automatically save to your Photos.
  2. Select the Photos Icon on the main screen of your device.
  3. Select the wallpaper image you just saved, then tap the button (a square with an arrow in it – left bottom button on iPod and iPhone,) and select Use As Wallpaper.
  4. Then choose Set Wallpaper

For Android Users

  1. Tap and hold the picture and then select save.
  2. Next you need to set the image you just saved as your wallpaper.
  3. From the Home Screen, press the menu key and then press wallpaper.
  4. Next Press Pictures.
  5. Select the wallpaper image you just downloaded.
  6. Adjust the image how you want it to fit and then press Save.
  7. Next press Set Wallpaper.
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The Comfort Killers Manifesto

The Comfort Killers aims to think better, act better and live better each and every day.

They don’t wait for permission to change their life, instead they get up, get out and get it done.

The Comfort Killers is sick and tired of status quo, of normal and of average. They know that in order to create the life they want – they must get uncomfortable.

The Comfort Killers is an army made up of individuals changing their lives and business through mindset, performance and contributions.

We are The Comfort Killers