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Guns & Power with Elena Cardone

An empire is defined as an extensive operation or sphere of activity controlled by one person or a group. Elena Cardone speaks extensively about building an empire at 10X Growth Con. I am 100% that...

Dr. Tosha Parker Meredith Gets Uncomfortable in the Military by Getting Comfortable With Who...

How One Gay Christian Soldier Didn't Ask And Didn't Tell A personal quest to freedom in life and business. Dr. Tosha Parker-Meredith aka “Doc” is a highly decorated military veteran with over 24 years of service....

Ebong Eka Explains How to Simplify Your Business Plan Into 4 Steps

Comfort Killers, I had the utmost pleasure of speaking with Ebong Eka recently for our company's purpose of teaching MILLIONS how to get uncomfortable. Ebong is a small business expert who appears regularly on FOX News,...
Ray Abboudvideo

How Ray Abboud Crushes the House Reno and Flip Game in Pennsylvania

  There's Something About Ray Abboud 25 Years in Real Estate, 500M in Revenue, and a Passion for Expansion and Cars - Meet Ray Abboud There's definitely something about someone who reflects ethics and energy. When you...

[Download] The Comfort Killers Manifesto Mobile Phone Wallpaper

Comfort Killers, Download your wallpaper now! I have been painstakingly working on our manifesto (what we believe in). Download your wallpaper now! How we show up in the world is important and I wanted to make sure you...

What I Want to Say to Lorain Documentary

In October 2016 I set out on a mission to interview as many entrepreneurs that I can. I wanted to capture the essence of the community that lit fire in my ass.  I was...

The 10X Growth Con Documentary: A Search For Comfort Killers

This was our experience at the 2017 10X Growth Con and it was AMAZING! Comment, like and share this video! Good news, we're still in search for Comfort Killers and we want to share YOUR...
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Love and Grow with Change

Love and Grow with Change