What I Want to Say to Lorain Documentary

In October 2016 I set out on a mission to interview as many entrepreneurs that I can. I wanted to capture the essence of the community that lit fire in my ass.  I was...

How Jordan Supino Used Mindset to Defeat a Rare Cancer

Goosebumps is what I got all over my body many times throughout this interview. Jordan Supino is the REAL DEAL, he is the owner of Concentrix Fit, a fitness and supplement company based in...

An Entrepreneur’s Journey in Real Estate : 3 Lessons to Learn From in Business

An Entrepreneur's Journey in Real Estate A Documentary about Potential I decided to make films and document the lives of entrepreneurs around the world doing what they do best on a daily basis to create massive...
Personal Branding

Interview on Personal Branding, Spirituality, Business, and Self Mastery

                      This interview was a fun one - We talk business, personal branding, spirituality, meditation, focus, decision making, and self mastery. Oh and I put it out there that I want to run a marathon!...
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