Here Are Your Resources, Comfort Killers!

Today, I wanted to tell you what I have been up to as well as give you resources for you to add, follow and like! Peace

What the Universe Shared With Me

I'll share with you what the universe shared with me in the last month and half. I am excited to say that website is up and running now! Remain Uncomfortable, Stacy

The Comfort Killers (handbook) 1.1.2016 – Affirmations

I wanted to publish a show before the New Year to tell you about my book: The Comfort Killers (handbook). This will be used and loved by all the comfort killers around the world....

To Perceive or Not to Perceive

Everything is perception so in order for this word to work for you create a successful, happy, positive perception of yourself. Listen in on a few tips that may help you perceived better.

You’re Lucky!

So knowing and understanding this concept of creating your own luck… how can you get out of the cycle of bad circumstances, horrible experiences, failed ventures, procrastination and BAD LUCK? Well the first thing...

How to Plant Seeds of Gratitude

Hey #comfortkillers! Thanks for listening - In today's show we discuss a variety of things and listened to a clip from Brian Tracy on the topic of developing your attitude of gratitude. You do...

The Thoughts You Think Create The World You Think

Hey comfort killaaaz! In today's episode we go even deeper into the concept of taking 100% responsibility for your life. Today we focus on THOUGHTS and the energy behind thinking which manifests as a reflection...
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