Stacy Cross Comfort Killer

The Comfort Killers – Highly motivated, goal driven, action oriented individuals who believe that true happiness derives from constant self improvement and personal development, this is achieved by getting uncomfortable!

Our company provides premium content, products and services to individuals seeking success through personal development.

Our Mission is to teach MILLIONS how to get uncomfortable, to think better, act better and live better.

Stacy A Cross an Grant CardoneStacy Cross
is a true Comfort Killer

I am Stacy Cross, the original Comfort Killer and the leader of this life changing Movement.  My mission is to teach MILLIONS how to get uncomfortable and achieve their greatest dreams.

I am an entrepreneur, author, motivated speaker, web-designer and life expert.  Currently, I am a leader at a massively successful global Airline.  I live in the birth place of American liberty and Rocky Balboa – Philadelphia, PA. Here in Philly, we aren’t afraid of getting our hands dirty to achieve our goals.

All Comfort Killers need to have an amazing partner in their corner and for me that  person is my girlfriend, Shivhon.

I haven’t always been successful – I have hit rock bottom multiple times.  Let me use my experience of getting off of the mat – bloodied but still moving forward – to guide you on your journey.  The tools I create are for individuals yearning for the very best in all areas of life – love, wealth, career, and health.

I don’t sugar coat it.  If you are easily offended – move on.

I am Stacy Cross and I am a millionaire. I am just waiting for the check to clear.


James Flanagan is a true Comfort Killer

I wanted to join Stacy in starting The Comfort Killers to fight against the plague of victim hood mentality that is spreading across our nation.  As Americans we can and must do better.

I am a lawyer who has worked in many different areas of law across the world before the most demanding clients in the most difficult circumstances.  I am a devout Catholic and an avid marathoner (always killing that comfort!). Honored to be a Georgian!