Make Everyday a Great Day – Tweak This One Thing

No More Bad Days

This will be the first post of 2018 for me. The website has been down for a good part of early January and that was due to optimizing the speed, adding a new flow and embedding our baseline focus.

I am proud to show it off. It’s much more faster than before and that makes us and Google happy! On top of that, I started a few new projects this month and completed a few too. Let’s first talk about my goals for 2018. They are super huge and I will need the help of many people to achieve them.

Hold me accountable:

  1. Write 5 books in 2018.
  2. Triple income by adding a stream.
  3. Complete 3 stand-alone courses
  4. Develop, test and refine our core product
  5. Help the undeserved entrepreneurial markets
  6. Take a f*&king vacation

There’s more targets extracted from these 6 but for the sake of this blog post, let’s keep it short and sweet.

Today, was a special day because it was so good to me. I created every minute of this energizing feeling and I don’t want it to go away. In fact, I was just writing my end-of-the-day thoughts in my notebook and had the sudden urge to just write it here. I apologize, I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like. Of course due to the website upgrade and then I working on this. I finished my book! Now, I only have 5 (4) more to go! 😀 😁

This morning, I crammed for a test with the state for my Real Estate License (Goal 2. Adding Streams) .. and ran out  passing with flying colors.

Also, when you wake up to beautiful messages about how you’ve helped someone push through and be better…there’s no way you can have a bad day.

I must say, I work extra hard at not f*&king up my day.  I listen to straight up FIRE in the mornings and really hone in on what it is I need to get done. Whether it’s dropping another blazing episode for my podcast, The Stacy A. Cross Show or I am adding to my programs, hitting the gym, working on my master plan, working on mastering myself then you notice you don’t have time to get upset or allow something to keep you down. You have got to keep moving and keep FOCUSING on your future.

Here’s the tweak: Wake up. Get focused only on what you have in front of you. Fill your calendar up so much that you don’t have time to mellow out in an unwanted state of dismay and party pooping. Just jump up and get going on the next target, project or thing you have planned.

Welcome to 2018.

Stacy –

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