Why I Hated Nursing School and What I Learned About Time

  • by Stacy Cross
  • Dec 05, 2017
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Shit got real when I dropped $6,000 in cash on the desk of the registrar’s office sourced from private loans to pay for nursing school. I was in too deep already. Clinicals.

I thought it was what I wanted and I respected all the nurses in my family. My mother and aunts. My first volunteer gig was at the hospital my mother worked. I was getting groomed for this.

Years later I would have to face a earth shattering, life changing and fork-in-the-road fact: I hated nursing school. I didn’t hate the idea of helping people. I just knew I would rather not be doing that.

How many of us are faced with this scenerio in our lives right now? The job we hate? The school we don’t want to go to? The lifestyle we want? …..

Here are 4 words that ruined millions of lives: “I’ll wait another year”