Don’t Listen If You Don’t Want #Success – The Revival Of Survival (Of The Fittest)

Don’t Press Play. 

By the time you are hearing this I will be landed in Atlanta and probably stuck in traffic. During at which time I will be speaking with Thelonious C Jones of ( about a huge project we have in store which will be unleashed to those that are looking for the solution. It is at this point that I will pick up my phone and call my biz partner James F to discuss Q1-2 strategies, leading in with my book. At this point, your mind will be blown. I dug up and replayed the best podcast episode I ever recorded – Survival of The Fittest. Over 30,000 downloads since I checked in the summer. Probably way more by the time you listen. This one episode will shake you up, and punch you in the face with hard cold truths about control, power, and focus. Don’t Press Play.