Stop Worrying and Get Sh*t Done!

How to stop worrying

I stumbled on a technique that allowed me to stop terrorizing my nail beds and have better looking cuticles. That’s just one of the benefits of taking worry out of the experience here on earth.

With so much going on at any given time in your life — the kids, the interview, the business deal, the start-up, the weight loss regimen, the media, the fear, the new apartment, the new bills, the dentist appointment, the broken collar bone, the whatever the hell you want to insert that is making us fret like we have to tell Donald Trump bad news on our first day as an intern. Stop fretting.

There is a technique that’s more manageable and easily implementable in our lives. One that you can see instant results, once you understand the key factors that are at play. First off, I was a worry bug. I worried about next month’s bills and next month didn’t even come yet. Worry seems to have taken shape in my family’s ancestry. We are all worriers — Now, I am a warrior!

Here’s a gambling quote from a non-gambler and something that I have implemented in my life:

“Do your worrying before you place your bet, not after the wheel starts turning”

You placed the bet already. You’ve made a decision. Now let things be. Allow your creative juices and automatic success missile do the rest.

The problem presents itself after one has made a decision and continues to add worry, fear, anxiety, doubt, or thoughts of failure. In this case, you have dulled and minimized your greatest potential. You have a fogged windshield moving forward.

“When once a decision is reached and execution is the order of the day, dismiss absolutely all responsibility and care about the outcome. Unclamp, in a word, your intellectual and practical machinery, and let it run free.” — William James

What does this look like in entrepreneurship? It looks like your free now to creatively add new potential energy to concentrate on the doing — the mission at hand. Not stop, start, change, redirect, get mad when you do not see immediate results. It also frees up you subconscious to do what it does best. Find solutions. Your consciousness is unable to focus on a thing and find a solution. All that bad boy is supposed to do is rationalize what is there, observe and assess the direction you want and make the decision. We are placing too much emphasis on something that ain’t built to work in that fashion.

If you make a decision to lose 50lbs, stop worrying. The decision is made — you will now be guided by the genius inside you to find the easiest and most valuable way of attaining that goal. For instance, you may find a workout buddy with the same goal and all of a sudden you feel good about working out. You may stumble on an article or video that really sets your ass on fire and you find that the energy is always there. You all of a sudden start cooking different — not only that, you are now interested in new recipes because you enjoy cooking. Because you are free and are guided by your true being, things appear to be more natural and resistance is totally out of the equation.

“The nervousness and anxiety is caused by mentally trying to escape or run away from something that you have decided to go through with physically- why mentally keep considering or hoping for escape.”

Most Ah-ha moments appear out of nowhere, when the subject is not thinking about the thing, not focused on finding a genius. It just appears naturally. You have to trust. Trust yourself.


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