The Real Reason People Turn Into Entrepreneurs

Some percentage may turn into entrepreneurs because their daddy’s have super stores and they end up taking the business over and making it better. Others may have that gene that Gary Vaynerchuk talks about and are born to shake shit up. Most of us though, are entrepreneurs because we cannot fathom the idea playing the corporate game any longer.

It’s not because we hate our bosses …

We know we are built differently and become unhirable during the process of finding our true selves and living it. How many of you have tried to fit in the 9 to 5 lifestyle and have found out that you are more a pink flamingo amidst a sea of dusty gray squirrels. Whatever the reason…be true to it. Don’t apologize for it and never stop believing in something greater.

I myself have realized this roughly 6 years ago when I first walked into my entry level corporate gig. I was the wide-eyed passionate person that could not be contained. I knew and understood customer service and what people truly wanted. I was able to motivate the dead weights and got everyone to work together signing the tune from the Board of Directors.

Then … came the realization that it was time. I wouldn’t be moving up in the company. I would only go so far as an employee. How many of us have walked that walk on that tight rope of logic and reason. The food was good until we saw what abundance really tastes like. We thought our weekends were great, until we got a taste of how entire weeks made our palettes expand.

Some of us are true employees. To the death. Be great at it!

The rest of us are rebels against the clock. We don’t hate it, we understand it but its just not for us. When it’s time — it’s time and you can feel it in your bones. Everyone will be looking at you like a piece of shit. That’s when you know. When you have fulfilled your short term destiny of being one of them.


Take your tie off. Be yourself. It’s time to get uncomfortable and pull magic tricks out of your ass! The world is yours, Comfort Killers. All yours. Go take it.

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross

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