I’m Coming for Oprah and She Knows It

Sometime last year I said, “Oprah’s next.” I knocked off a few big names off my list this past year and now its time to up the ante.

People think they know what they don’t know until they find out the hard way that the only thing holding them back from KNOWledge is getting up off their butts and experiencing life. Why Oprah though? I didn’t even watch Oprah when my mom turned on her show every afternoon. It was because I was more interested in playing outside with the rest of the neighborhood kids back then. Experiencing life……I wish I KNEW then.

What I do KNOW is that I am well on my way to meeting this wonderful being. I’ve already attracted her by the very act of being attractive myself.

Some people climb the tallest of mountains and run more and more marathons to feel that very short burst of power and achievment. I just need to accomplish what I write in my journal. Here was an entry: BOLD = Completed

  1. Quit Gambling (did it)
  2. Interview Grant Cardone (watch it)
  3. Produce 3 Documentaries (here’s 1, here’s the other, and here’s one more)
  4. Create a Product that’ll produce revenue and cash flow (The Comfort Killers Academy)
  5. Get lean (still working)
  6. Read 2–3 books a month
  7. Meet and work with Oprah

I am super patient — totally absorbed into the workings of life and constantly creating myself to be better. Everything I have learned, it helps me progress forward. I am well on my way and she knows it.

So, how does Oprah know I am coming for her? I mean who isn’t coming for Oprah? Who isn’t inspired by her genius and would do anything to work on a project with her. Let’s be real.

I don’t need another funnel. I rather wait for the right content for my audience. There is a rat race going on, even inside entrepreneurship. Everyone is super antsy and not really developing skill or KNOWledge on the level they are on. They try and buy anything that shines.

I always KNEW I was different.

Always knew that I prefer quality over quantity. Rather shave off the excess fat than walk around life heavy and unproductive. Take time to develop 1 thing. Life has many turns and twirls as it is already, you didn’t come into entreprenership to be a puppet, you came to LEAD. So it’s okay, bud. When the time is right, it just is. You will know it because you gotta powerful EAGLE EYE and warrior wisdom.

I’m coming for Oprah and I’m not just talking about high fiving her. I want it all.

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross