The Game No One Gave You Rules To

  • by Stacy Cross
  • Jul 12, 2017
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There are all sorts of games being played right now and maybe you do not even recognize the players in it. Whether you like it or not, or even know it, you are in many games all at once.

You have the 9 to 5 game where corporate ladders begin in the mail room, entry level and some kid fresh out of college is hoping to win at this game. He comes in hungry, a true neophyte, ready and willing to battle anyone to get that position or the corner office.

The corner office is the trophy. The title and respect earned along the way is just a testament of his willingness to play it.

Some are playing living pay check to paycheck, the game which is full of losers. These players are fighting an uphill battle weekly, juggling which bills to pay, if it would be worth it to fix the car, or go on a mini vacation to relax from all losing quarters they’ve played.

Some are playing the club hopping, clothes shopping and pill popping game. Searching every corner for the next weekend thrill. These guys and gals live for Friday and Saturday, they hate Mondays.

Then we have the government. The big system setting the rules for all its citizen both conscious and unconscious of the game they are in. Some know about the loopholes, very few play the game to win.

Then there is the game on your mind — a war on your time. The television, playing the wrong social media game, the talk radio game and bringing yourself to small chatter about politics, tricks and conspiracy games. You may think you are spending quality time watching FOX, CNN or ABC but really you are being played. No one told you the rules. No one gave you the back of the box.

I am here to share with you tips and strategies to get your head in the game and play it to win. Let’s get uncomfortable, aware and focused on creating our own games.

Step 1: Create Your Own Game

In order to create your own game, you are going to need some players. The first player in this game is YOU! First decide on what the Trophy will be. What is the ideal scene of this game. Is it, taking your finances to a better place? Is it, getting healthier? Is it, getting a better position or starting a business. Start a game.

It’s as easy as deciding.

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Step 2: Stop Playing Other People’s Games

In this step, you’re going to take a focused look at how many games you are playing. Are you:

(a) working a 9–5 game: What are you trying to accomplish in this area? Is it an area that you want to be in? Who are the key players in your field? How can they teach you? What are the rules associated with winning in this field? Is there growth potential here? Are you working hard enough? Are you making the right connections?

(b) Spending valuable time playing the social media game: What is the purpose on social media? Is it just to click like on a bunch of your friend’s photos? Are you using it for pleasure or business? All platforms on social media is designed to have you spend countless hours dizzy and wasted. If you do not have a social media strategy then you are being played my friend. Stop creeping and start scheduling. Schedule everything. Make moves in and out. Many people on social media are using it to post baby photos and share negativity. Don’t be a sucker — they are getting played. If you are not getting attention, generating leads, learning from people, finding new rules then you are wasting your time.

( c ) Blaming the government for everything game: This game is the most deteriorating. It will cause you much pain to fight against this monster who already has you figured out. The key is to play on the side of the machine. Learn the tricks. Be ethical and make money. If you sit around and complain .. you aren’t even playing this game, you are on the sideline with a paper towel in one hand and your tears in the other. Be ruthless. We are all in it…some of us are playing to win!

(d) Club Hop / Pill Pop Game: You will be sluggish, foggy and cannot make decisions on your own. You won’t be able to handle your reality nor the reality of the entire world as it comes crashing down on you 10 years down the line. You will not have enough clarity to decide for a better future. You will depend on whatever trend is out there to glorify your behavior. You may be a waste. I know because I was there. Pill popping, buying outfits for one night, not using my time wisely — not caring about next week. Just stupid. You are being played. The first thing you have to do is eliminate everyone around you. Eliminate and get lean. Get detoxed and get disciplined in your life. Change your environment — change your friends. Create another game.

(e) The Smiths Game: Trying to beat the Jones’s and Smith’s will cause you to waste money and your valuable time. Stop caring. You’re stuck in a game that will get you nowhere but in debt and looking stupid. Get out of this game quick. You can start by economizing everything. Sell everything — get nimble and lean. Learn how to survive and be adaptable. What the Smith’s won’t tell you is that they are unhappy and hate their life, and that damn house, and resent you for being so free. Get real!

(f) The Entrepreneurial Journey Game: This game is fun but can quickly become unfun if you start worrying about everyone else and what they are doing. What they are producing. Gary V has a team of people posting to his socials 24/7 — you are a one-man band man, — get lean. Get structured and stop the bullshit. I’ve seen much trend hoppers this year. Doing it because someone told them to do it. Adding things because someone mentioned it worked for them. Jumping from one thing to the other. I was even a victim of this … until I got on purpose. Create a game here of relentless discomfort. Be the sniper.

Step 3: Let Other People Do What You Hate and You Do What You Love

My mentor once said, he doesn’t mow his lawn or wash his car. I thought, but it’s GODLY to do these things. You know, nice Sunday afternoon …3 hours in the backyard with a beer just hanging out taking care of your home.

He said: “Are you kidding me?” I can pay someone $20.00 an hour to do my lawn. Unless you are only worth $20.00 an hour …then do it.

I was floored. I totally get it. To win at any game, you must define a worth. What is your worth? I can spend all week trying to figure out how to write a business plan and what these sections mean and how to analyze SWOT or I can jump online and pay someone to do it for me and get it in a couple hours or a day after a conversation.

The game is all about worth, time and investment. You want more time enjoying life with those that matter? Yes! You want to set boundaries and get paid what you are worth? You can’t be hovering over non-productive baby tasks? You want to buy time back? Stop sitting on your ass.

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Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross