Evan Carmichael is HELPING 1 Billion Entrepreneurs, here’s how!


Evan Carmichael Wants to Help 1 Billion Entrepreneurs

Life’s funny. – I’ve been watching Evan’s Top 10 Rules For Success videos on YouTube for as long as I could remember. He has provided tons of motivation and inspiration to me and many other people but I didn’t have a clue to who Evan was or what his mission entailed at that time.

My favorites are Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs and Bill GatesĀ and Tony Robbins respectfully.

I just started getting into learning how the mindset of successful business owners, and individuals thought. I wanted to steal mindset cues and embedded it into my own.

When I initially started The Comfort Killers, I wanted to test out my writing everywhere, turns out I landed onto www.evancarmichael.comĀ and became a contributor to the machine. Again – I didn’t put two and two together! A year an half later, I am interviewing Evan for The Comfort Killers and learning more about his mission, values and entrepreneurial wisdom for my own videos on YouTube and articles on my website.

Evan Carmichael explained why he has a huge goal, why he wanted to be a Bank executive and never really thought entrepreneurship would be his life and why everyone should try something at least once.

He also provides a quick nugget for anyone looking to get started in content creation and building out their personal brand.

Video freezes for the second half of the show but you can still listen to the audio with no problems. I apologize for the inconvenience. So what! Now it’s a podcast!

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross