Reaching Millions with Stacy A. Cross Featuring Kevin Harrington : A Big Fish Named Shark

  • by Stacy Cross
  • Jun 20, 2017
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A Big Fish Named Shark

Kevin Harrington

Welcome to the first edition of the Reaching Millions Series, where Stacy A. Cross visually shows how she is teaching millions how to get uncomfortable, by getting out of her own comfort zone. Kevin Harrington is our first stop!

In today’s world of digital products, sales pages and click funnels, it is impressive to learn how old-school – hard-core entrepreneurs are innovating their businesses to stay ahead of the market.

Kevin Harrington drops a few tools into my backpack to help support me on my journey to success. Tools and resources that I plan to use immediately. Learn more.

“Every Single Day, I FEEL I’m the underdog” -Kevin harrington

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There were a few things I wanted to know specifically from Kevin. #1 How does he keep looking young, fresh, rejuvenated, energetic and productive. During my research, I find that he attends many trade shows, conferences, conventions, meetings, a month and he is still very wide-eyed and curious about it all.

Secondly, I love his team. Sheelah Marie has been an extraordinary addition to the KH enterprise, more specifically Quantum Media, Kevin’s full service digital media agency based in beautiful St. Petersburg, serving clients all over the world.

I first met Sheelah Marie and Kevin Harrington @ 10X Growth Con, while filming a documentary which features a snippet interview I had with Kevin about ‘strategic aggregation’ a term I first heard from Gordon Bizar doing an exclusive interview earlier in the year. Gordon Bizar actually discovered and named strategic aggregation as a unique style of doing business, by having ‘access to assets’

Get ready to learn about this and more on today’s journey to get uncomfortable with Stacy A. Cross Episode 1

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