Finding Your Purpose in 5 Simple Steps

  • by Stacy Cross
  • Jun 30, 2017
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I want you to use these 5 steps, not so you can find a purpose but so you can recognize what was already there.

Everyone that makes something of themselves, who are happy and lives in success created and are living on purpose. The concept of a purpose is an intention or objective. It is the reason one does, breaths and creates.

After overcoming a heavy gambling addiction, I too wanted to find my purpose. I wanted to know how I can change the world persistently and over time. I realized that I had been fighting an uphill battle of pain, stress and standard societal programming. I wanted to be free.


Freedom is a the reward you receive from being totally on purpose. Let’s take a look at Mother Theresa and her love for helping mankind. Her love for a world that was left behind in poverty and pain. She woke up on purpose daily to see to it that she is FREE.

The definition of freedom is the ability to change and create new experiences and the ability to overcome barriers which one has set upon himself. Overcoming my addiction was FREEDOM. I felt the invisible shackles unlock. I was relieved instantly of this pain!

But it doesn’t stop there – I didn’t have a purpose! With all this new found time, what in the world was I supposed to be doing? I wanted to create this article as a way to tell you that everything is fine and that most of the time when we are looking for something elsewhere – we need to start internalizing instead.

  1.  Write down what terrifies you the most. What brings about fear? 

How is fear related to purpose? I was afraid of public speaking, nervous about forgetting my lines when I used to rap, and ultra scared of success. I knew I was afraid of success because I was taught to be humble, be content, be grateful. I was taught to work hard for a living and retire graciously. I was taught to settle. So yes, I was afraid of gaining wins. When it was close – I would find a way to make it out of reach. I would quit, try to make excuses in my head about the people, the industry, whatever lie I could tell myself that made me fall back.

What are you falling back from? Look at this first, and really analyze these points. Are you afraid or are you afraid of winning?

2. What books did you finish or liked in high school? What creative things did you pursue?

I know you’re thinking – Stacy is off her rockers now. Books ? High school? Our budding years has some value to it. I remember writing full blown scripts for plays. I remember thinking crazy thoughts about creating movie scenes. The books I loved to read made me think – I fell in love with the characters and fell in love even more with how it affected me afterwards. We tend to erase the past of adolescence by writing it off as ‘childish’ or not there yet. You’re too young to know anything but too old to play with toys. (I loved playing with toys)

Go back to a younger version of yourself. So free, so curious and so interested. Discover what these things were that occupied your time. Maybe it was volunteering or reading comics or watching your mother cook, or spending time in the fields, or flying kites, or building cars – or learning the computer …. whatever it is, write it down and reminisce. It feels good to go back there. Your purpose is there.

3. Do this exercise: Shout out to yourself right now 3 affirmations. 

They can be anything. You are WHAT?

I AM __________________

I AM __________________

I AM __________________

Actually, shout them out here by leaving me a message. Please tell me your name and where you are from at the end of the message.

Some will say I am RICH! Yes you are. You are already RICH, you said yes to life. You said yes to being. You said yes to LOVE! You are already RICH!

4. Write down your end of life obituary. 

It’s that time. You are dead. People are reading your obituary at your funeral. What will the read. What have you done? Anything?

5. Ask 3-5 people what your strengths are and what they LOVE about you. 

This is your gift.

Your purpose is the REAL you, without the extra additives, conventional wisdom, the political correctness, the ideas placed upon you or the fluff. It is who you want to be a FREE soul in life.

Your purpose helps many. It brings about a better world. It can be done with laughter, ease of pain, ease of stress, ease of struggle. You have a gift that we all need. I need you to know this.

Your purpose is already within you – you have been blocking it and/or making excuses for it. It may be grand and scary – may even require some internalizing but overall, the goal of your purpose is to create a better life for YOU! With that comes better experiences, joy, happiness, and pleasure.

Don’t sell yourself short of beautiful experiences and memories. Being on purpose – elevates them!

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross

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