The Best Advice Ever Given ….And It’s From Grandma

  • by Stacy Cross
  • Jun 18, 2017
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Comfort Killers!

My grandparents are the best. Fought their way up from Jamaica to the beautiful USA in the 1980’s. They worked 2-3 jobs to get the entire family permanent visas and plane tickets. They were doing it because they wanted a better situation for their offspring and grandchildren than they were given.

My grandfather, rest his beautiful soul, was one of the most sincerest, humble and all around cool guy – Your grandfather’s favorite grandfather type. Everyone loved him. He was a hard worker and believed in family. My grandmother was a true Comfort Killer. She will say anything to anyone at anytime with zero chill. She knew what it was to come to a big new world with just your word and sense of self. She was always hungry for more, always teaching us lessons in everything.

Most of of the wisdom my grandmother poured into me was said in one sentence. The best knowledge one can ever get were the simplest and easiest to understand.

“A Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed”

That was it! – When I was 13, it meant stop being shy, speak up.

When I was 18, it meant ask for what you want.

Now it means, GET ATTENTION.

Everything is relative and all is perception – so I live behind the philosophy that I must be at the forefront of change and innovation. Change in myself and innovation of my realities. A constant movement. This is all done through ATTENTION.

Where attention is paid, those get paid.

See, when I was too shy to ask for $10.00 to go get ice cream, I wasn’t thinking about attention. Neither was my grandma. When I didn’t want to go to nursing school but didn’t open my mouth about how I truly felt. I was stuck, unhappy and in debt. Closed mouths are doomed for failure at its worst form. Closed mouths can’t communicate. Closed mouths equate to closed pockets.

Why was getting ATTENTION so scary for me? Why is it negative. I believe we are wired to immediately think that ATTENTION is negative. The guy or gal that wants attention is egotistical and vain. That guy is a JOCK. That gal is conceited. Nope! We default there because we are making an excuse to remain shy, reserved and comfortable.

In my growing pains, I have seen what sitting around not saying nothing will get you and I have seen what opening your mouth will get you as well.

Get attention. Ask for more money. Stop waiting around thinking you are entitled to anything. Go for it. Ask away.

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross