3 Key Qualities To Adopt As An Entrepreneur, Kevin Harrington Interview, and Paying Off $95K In Student Loan Debt

Comfort Killers,

I am in St.Pete’s – Came For Kevin Harrington. Leaving with golden nuggets that I am going to implement in my businesses.

In this episode, I share 3 Key Qualities and traits that all entrepreneurs can adopt.

What is Access to Assets? Why are we mad at outsourcing?

Uzziah Israel is an entrepreneur, real estate investor and bestselling author from South Central LA who paid off $95,000 in student loan debt two years after graduating college.

After overcoming poverty and homelessness, he’s currently on a mission to take 200 people from urban communities and equip them with the skills and professional training they need to change their families forever.

Uzziah Israel’s Book – Purchase Here
The Valedictorian That Lives at Home With Mommy and Daddy: How to Bridge the Gap Between Academic Achievement and Real World Success

Watch the FULL interview with Uzziah Israel HERE!

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