We Are All in Transition – Stop the Pity Party

I would like to sit here and type to you that we are not always changing. Just by the simple known fact that we are humans make this statement true.

New cells are created each day. Millions of them. Old, unproductive cells die off to make room for new cells. It is all part of surviving.

Today, I was listening to my friend and mentor, Grant Cardone’s audiobook, ‘Be Obsessed or Be Average‘ and came across a segment where he mentioned this term transitioning. He used a great analogy to cement this concept of redirection, refocusing and reenergizing oneself with an ever changing purpose.

If you have a purpose then you have a reason

If you have a mission then you have a message

If you have goals then you have a target

If you have targets then you best have some action behind them

We are supposed to change.

It is only right. On a road to success or to any target, you and I will be faced with challenges, ups, downs, heartache, and pain. Within that you will be given an opportunity to keep going strong towards that thing.

The analogy Grant mentioned was to imagine an airplane taking off in Miami and landing in Vegas. How many times did that plane face adversity. We are inside this plane not thinking anything of the flight. As far as we are concerned, we take off and then land safely. We don’t even applaud anymore (landing in Jamaica and some island, we still clap).

When we analyze this flight more deeply we are up against a lot. The wind and force of changes in altitude put pressure on this small craft in such a large space. There’s weather beating against the fuselage, trying to take it down. More than this, there is gravity doing its job, trying to hold the aircraft down. There are clouds and atmospheric pressure. There’s other planes in the sky, tons of other activity to watch out for.

There is so much challenges this plane has to defeat in order to land safely in Vegas. Is there enough fuel? Are the engines operating at 100%? How about the lift, drag? Is everything operable for this flight. How are you? If you consider yourself a plane – how will you level up when one change occurs. If this was your life? Would you divert, crash, or turn back?

What will it take for you to reassess and thrust on through adversity, changes, pain, obscurity, anonymity, depression, hurt, addiction? It’s one thing to have every intention to get to Vegas but, it is another to actually get it done.

Build Character, Build Confidence

I am currently going through it right now. We taxxied out for take off a year ago. The weather looked beautiful, not a cloud in the sky. Perfect flying weather. The aircraft was fueled and deemed safe to fly. That’s the commitment I made to myself. “Stacy, you are SAFE to FLY” It was lift off! I made changes along the way. We don’t understand flying, its second nature to us. How are we supposed to show up in the world? What should we say? How good do we think we are?

Just like an aircraft was built to fly – we were too. We were built to expand and grow and transition. Changes are powerful, no matter how negative you think they may be.

Did I land in Vegas? Bro! I am still flying.

Stacy A. Cross