Uncomfortable Conversations with Gregory Diehl

Over the course of building my business I tend to check keywords like those SEO guys tell me to do. “How are you ranking?” Well for me I have a few keywords (get uncomfortable, the comfort killers, comfort killer, Stacy A. Cross) and they were ranking well until Gregory Diehl comes along and adds one word to google as well.

That’s how I first heard of Uncomfortable Conversations the podcast.

I took a few moments and listened to a show or two and was happy to know at least we were on the same page. Killing comfort. That’s the truest way to personally develop.

Months later, Gregory shows up in my Facebook Group and says one line: “Hey Stacy, I’m pretty sure you should be on my uncomfortable podcast” 

I said yes and a couple days later we made it happen. Before the podcast I was sent a disclaimer as a precursor to being on Uncomfortable Conversations. The disclaimer would scare many .. made you think about all those secret things that you are afraid to talk about … opens you up a bit before the actual show. Listen to the show for more information on Gregory’s disclaimer and what I was thinking before going on the show.

From show notes:

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The necessary first step to personal development is removing yourself from comfort, but very few so-called personal development leaders acknowledge this in their methodology. They keep their devotees steeped in comfort and enthusiasm. What many people miss is that the willingness to be unhappy is what increases your overall capacity for happiness.

Stacy Cross is a personal and entrepreneurial development coach who founded The Comfort killers. Stacy received an email one day from a stranger deriding her for all the lifestyle mistakes she was making. That email became the seed for rapid personal transformation. She has embraced discomfort as a lifestyle and used it as a tool to overcome gambling addiction and change her entire lifestyle. Now she helps other people do the same with their own lives.

Social cohesion can be the enemy to personal development if you allow other people’s stories about you to replace your own self-awareness. Social sacrifices must be made to embrace one’s own development as their highest priority. Be willing to lose the relationships which once defined you.

True transformation is when you change your unconscious way of acting in the world. New ideas must pass through the barriers of conscious acknowledgment to become a part of you.

Addiction is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a powerful form of passion and enthusiasm. You only need to monitor how you apply for beneficial things throughout your life. It’s not the action that matters. It’s your mindset about what you’re doing in the end.

The fastest way to the truth is to cut off exits and remove all distractions. When we look back on our old selves, we can often find the seeds of the person we were going to eventually become. There is some consistency to who we really are.

At a certain point in development, there are very few mentors and gurus to guide you to the next step in the path. No one else has taken your step. At this point, you must become your own guru and find your own path, or else you are just wallowing in distraction. When the book you need to read next doesn’t exist, it’s time for you to write that book.

What can you uniquely contribute that a specific type of person will find to be just the thing they needed to progress to their next level?