Tell A Story – Close A Deal

  • by The Comfort Killers Contributor
  • May 15, 2017
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Good storytelling is not an easy skill to master. Yes I said skill because I absolutely believe it is an important skill to have. This may be obvious to some people but it wasn’t obvious to me. MLM and network marketers are great at this. Just yesterday I posted a parable from one of my favorite books “The Alchemist” by Paolo Coelho in The Comfort Killers Facebook group. A few people liked it there and a few people liked it when I posted it on my personal page. Seems like a lot to read when you’re hitting up your newsfeed for those two microseconds in between whatever it is you are doing. I feel in this world of soundbytes, quotes, instachats, and 5G LTE internet, stories are a way to actually connect with people on a deeper level. This has always been the case. However I feel like we have gotten away from it a little bit in recent years. That’s where the opportunity lies my friends. Because we have somewhat gotten away from storytelling you can use this skill to separate yourself from the pack a bit. I didn’t realize it until today but I have been doing this in sales for a long time unknowingly. I try not to just tell my customers things but paint a picture for them and make it relate able. It doesn’t always work but I feel it leaves a more positive impression vs. just dumping information on people. Sometimes you have to get straight to the point and it’s unavoidable I understand that. I don’t care who you are whether you work in sales or not you need to create deeper connections with the people around you. All the surface shit is boring anyway. Dig deep that’s where the good juicy stuff always is to be found. Do this and you close more sales and connect with people better because they may not remember you but they will remember your story.


Create A Quick Story – 


  1. sit down and write out some stories about your life or anything really. Who cares get creative.
  2. Don’t torture yourself trying to come up with stuff. Just let it flow.
  3. Then go back and condense it down and distill it as much as possible.
  4. Take that are just start telling people. It will feel awkward at first
  5. Just keep doing it and your storytelling skills will increase dramatically
  6. Have Fun With it.

P.S. – Were not doing a Broadway Show don’t agonize over every detail just start using storytelling more with the people around you, your customers and you’ll see the difference…