My 4 Step Process to Living a Successful Life

4 Step Process to Living a Successful Life

Comfort Killers!

I am pleased to announce that I completed my first 30-Day course, “How to Live a Successful Life Without Hiring a $10,000 Coach” using the exact steps I took to redirect my gambling addiction as well as created The Comfort Killers.

It was tough but I really wanted to succeed. Change is scary because there is an unknown side of who you will become – this person you do not know yet. You don’t understand how you will look, think and what sort of things this new person likes.

I totally get it. Have you just sat back and imagined what a life would be like if you continued to be who you are. For me that was spending lots of time and lots of money behind the slot machine. It was so bad that every ounce of energy was expended at the casino. I sat back and imagined what this life would look like if I continued to pursue it.

What is it for you? Is it depression? hate? laziness? What is your current addiction. Look, we are all addicted in some way. We are just somehow addicted to something constructive or destructive. It is your choice.

This 30-Day course will allow you to understand who you are first, confront the destructive behavior, make a decision, find your purpose, work on good habits and create discipline. I even went a step further and shared with you how you too can create something. Create a winning attitude at work and watch how your income grows. Create a business and contribute to society. Whatever it is you want at the end of the 30-Day course. You can do it.

Learn more about my course in the video below

What’s the difference between my course and theirs? The difference is it WORKED for me and I am still applying the tech that I created from the very beginning!

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross