What’s your Super Power?

What's Your Super Power

What does self acceptance mean, better yet, what does having confidence in who you are mean?
Many self development speakers and coaches answer the age old question of believe in yourself and accepting who you are, but how do we discover who we are and how to we have confidence in that power, or skill. Do we deny it for so long that most of us never run with it to become who they are meant to be and become successful and wealthy?

Accepting who you are is as easy in realizing what you like to do, decide how far you want to take it, casually, or as my circle calls it, Comfort Killers, or 10Xers.
Do you truly want to be wealthy? I mean very wealthy, and help others, and leave a legacy? Or are you just happy pursuing who you are and living your life “comfortable” in the white picket fence theory?
Regardless, the choice is yours, and you can be happy either way!
So, back to the question, because you may have already begun the mindset and the goal of, yes I want to be wealthy, and yes I want to become successful, yet still possibly wondering how you’re going to get there, or where should you start.
If you’re like me, than you have probably already took a shot at many opportunities where others have been successful, just to discover that….
A. You’re not happy
B. You’re not having any success with it
C. You bought into the endevour, realized immediately that this was not for you, and took the loss
And finally, D, All of the above, and you’re still left wondering, where do I start?

Have you answered the question yet, what is my super power, or skill, or which Ever label you would like to tie to it?

It’s actually very simple.
Has anyone ever told you that you were exceptional at something, have multiple people with no real connection ever told you that you were very good at something.
Maybe you were even afraid to admit it and shrugged it off.
Have you ever really thought about when you do the same thing that people tell you that you’re good at, and you realize that multiple people have commended you on your ability to do that. Combined together equals your super power.
That gift is yours, and once you own it, and gone it daily, mixed with using it to help people, you become wealthy in many ways, including long term relationships and friendships.
Reason one being, you’re truly happy, so you act charismatic naturally with people, providing help and happiness to those around you.

So when a self development coach tells you to embrace who you are, have confidence, help people, discover your purpose, finally, take action and think about your true talents.

If you need help discovering your talents, please feel free to contact me anytime!

Michael Bazzo