How Ray Abboud Crushes the House Reno and Flip Game in Pennsylvania



There’s Something About Ray Abboud

25 Years in Real Estate, 500M in Revenue, and a Passion for Expansion and Cars – Meet Ray Abboud

There’s definitely something about someone who reflects ethics and energy. When you are with Ray Abboud it’s like a wild ride through movement.

First you’re up and away in a helicopter, then your speeding with him in his visions of the future, then you are anxiously waiting for that next closing, house flip, house purchase, phone call, meeting or whatever it is Ray has on his calendar for that day. He is obsessed. 

Ray is the founder and president of CASH NOW PA, a home renovation and resale company based in York, PA. I was invited to invest some time with Ray, learn his operations and get inside of the mind of this madman. Plus we will be collaborating on a few things in the near future. Everybody loves Ray!

But while I am there……………


I am noticing real solid patterns as I am studying people, wealthy, successful and average. These patterns are stark in many of the people I meet and interview or mastermind with. With Ray, you can see it in his eyes, how unsatisfied he is. When he pulls out a binder he took 12 hours to create. This binder is organized with all 67 counties (every single on of them) in Pennsylvania with phone numbers and information about tax sales. The reason for doing this? Expansion across the state of PA. Totally obsessed.

Here is another pattern. They stop for what they love. With all the movement and energy around building an empire, the love of family always finds its way into the conversation as he stops to show me a painting his daughter created of the Porsche logo. It’s on his office wall and its his masterpiece. He also stops to help people. The community respects him dearly because he is honest, transparent and makes things right.

But trust me – He loves speed. As I am pulling up to his office, there’s people surrounding his new Lamborghini. It’s booger green and stands out among the apartment complex off in the back on this quiet suburban street just off the main road. Why green? Why a lambo?

Ray grew up loving two things – real estate and cars. He got into real estate to afford his love for cars. That got me thinking about another stark difference when I was growing up, in my average life trying to make something out of hip-hop and rapping. I loved hip-hop but never thought to finance it with something viable, something real, something passive. Nope! I was the starving artist, running around swearing by this thing I love. I met another fella last year. CEO of a major financial firm. He loves to play the saxophone. Told me it was his passion. I asked him, well sir, why did you stop? He said, I didn’t stop, I have 3 albums – I just got into this industry and followed the money so I can finance my passion. I had it all wrong.

Ray Abboud is a man of honesty, love and ethics. His drive is to help as many people as he can and cares dearly about the finished product. He wants to be the final quality guy. His standards are high and he has no shame to let you know when its not. There’s no tongue biting with Ray – straight up and straight to the point.

Time is another bullet point on patterns and differences I’ve been noticing and noting. For one, Ray apologizes for being late and ensures to advise that he knows how valuable my time is. He flies to homes to shave off time sitting in traffic. He is not a time waster, he produces non-stop around the clock. Late nights he follows up with people. Answered 500 emails just the night before. Total Comfort Killer.

As he mentions in the video, there will be a book coming between Stacy A. Cross and Ray Abboud, two maniacs in motivation and real estate. Stay tuned.

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross