How Jordan Supino Used Mindset to Defeat a Rare Cancer

JOrdan Supino

Goosebumps is what I got all over my body many times throughout this interview. Jordan Supino is the REAL DEAL, he is the owner of Concentrix Fit, a fitness and supplement company based in California – He is also a CANCER KILLER as he puts it.

You will be taken on a journey of pain, love, laughs and tears throughout this interview because Jordan does a helluva job putting the audience right there in the hospital with him in 2011.

Jordan has a POWERFUL mindset and a extraordinary energy around him which allows him to lift people’s spirits and maintain his own. We learn from this interview how one man, his mindset and through the love and support of his family overcame a rare cancer known as Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

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Jordan’s Story (FULL) 

I am an Air Force Veteran, in July of 2011 I was struck with the biggest challenge ever, my will to survive.  A few nights had passed with hot and cold sweats and major cramping in my legs and after finally subsiding I went back to the gym.  I began to work out and as soon as I pushed the weight my body began to tremble as I collapsed and my legs locked up.   I ended up initially staying in the hospital for almost 2 months battling Acute Myeloid Leukemia with the first type of chromosome abnormality in the world and enduring high dosages of chemotherapy.  As I left the hospital and had another bone marrow biopsy the cancer was still there and doctors urged me to have bone marrow transplant immediately.  My reply to them was simple, “You simply forget that the man upstairs is on my side and a miracle is coming”.  As I left I asked when I had to be back in for next round of chemotherapy and they replied 4.5 weeks. So I replied that since working out has always been my place where I find comfort that I would bench press 500 pounds and the cancer would disappear in honor of everyone fighting their illness and I would show them the power of ones mind.  4.5 weeks later I bench pressed 500lbs the day before I had to be back in the hospital and on the very next test the cancer was gone.

I now had a nickname “Miracle Man”.  For the next 4 months I continued the chemotherapy just to stay the course as I went thru all the ups and downs of the hair loss, skin peeling, appetite gone, weakness, but I never gave up. I would get beaten down and roar back like nothing seen before.  Christmas came around that year, I had finished my chemotherapy and my family, friends and I celebrated but did not know of the bigger test to come.  December 27, 2011 I woke up to go in for blood and platelets but only to wake up partially blind with a 107 degree temperature.  See I had went out shopping for Christmas and was not suppose to and came in contact with germs and I had no platelets to protect me therefore when I got to the hospital I collapsed and couldn’t breathe eventually going thru so much more.  Pneumonia, blood clots, kidney failure, 4 deadly blood line infections, lungs filled with fluid and blood, septic shock and into an induced coma for almost one month.

I never gave up, I never stopped believing in my true purpose and as I lay there asleep seeing how beautiful heaven is “yes i swas there” as the doctors were ready to let me ride off into the night and place a trache in me I began to fight even harder.  My lungs almost exploded as they came closer to putting that trache in me and then realized they needed to let me continue to fight. I  woke up I couldn’t walk or talk and had lost over 50 pounds of muscle and ironically the first word I spelled when I was communicating thru an alphabet board was “protein” and my family immediately knew that I was back.  It was suppose to take me weeks to a month to walk, I did it in 3 days; It was suppose to take me 1 year to fully recover, I put 50 pounds of lean muscle mass back on in 6 weeks. I walked back into the hospital up to the ICU to give back and help those fighting and they ask who i was? I replied, “I’M THE REAL DEAL, WHAT’S YOUR STORY?”