There’s no telling how I ended up back in my mother’s arm after being kidnapped at 4 years old on the school’s playground in Jamaica.


A group of people headed up by a young woman came up to me and offered to bring me home as a request from my parents as well as a doll. I took the bait and that day would change my life forever.


I was taken.


God had different plans for me though – one that I could not comprehend then. I was to be brought back unharmed that same night.


I was to be sold to the highest bidder in Jamaica. Who knows where I would be right now – I’ve summed it up in two places.


1. Dead

2. Someone’s slave


That is one of the most vivid memories I could recall at that tender age. Kidnapped.


Another memory is actually coming to America. My grandparents already made the trip – migrated to the land of opportunity, freedom and the American dream. I remember feeling disconnected from the culture, food, people, language and mindset. We were all scared – I always felt ‘less than’


America then isn’t what it is now. My father brought our first household computer, the Macintosh for about $5,000 on credit. He made me use it for about 30 minutes a night and I logged on to AOL and tried to hack. (after watching Angelina Jolie’s Hacker)


Back then I would try to make a business out of anything. I fell in love with Hip-Hop and turned it into a newsletter, made mix tapes that never sold and then turned into a bedroom rapper. I shoveled snow and put on yard sales with other neighborhood kids toys. I didn’t know it then but I had an entrepreneurial mindset. A young one.


There was one day though that I do remember just as vividly as my kidnapping. I remember going on a family trip to Atlantic City, NJ and being dazzled by the dancing lights of the slots and the energy of the casino life. I was only 15 but I was freaking stuck, watching over the the barrier, searching for my mother and getting lost in the excitement of it all. It wouldn’t be until my 21st birthday that I would have the opportunity to get lost in it all for myself.


From the age of 24 to 34 I was heavily addicted. From 30 – 34, I was compulsive and for the better half of 34 – I finally realized that I had a problem.


There are many times when we feel like looking up at the sky and cursing GOD, cursing your parents, cursing your upbringing, your culture, the government, your girlfriend, boyfriend, the cops, your boss, your cat, your bed – You are screaming “WHY ME!”


I know WHY ME. Because I had to go through it so I can help MILLIONS avoid it and / or know how to overcome it by creating something.


I did it through business, others may do it through fitness and others may find their WHY by teaching others as well. I am now an expert in overcoming addiction, I am an expert in building a business from the ground up and expanding it year over year.


That is why I am creating the Comfort Killers Academy – For people like you that want more. You want to be better. You are trying to gain mastery. I’ve got everything to give to you. I’ve cracked the code on productivity and what it takes. Matter a fact, I was just saying to a friend, I wish I knew how easy it was in the past.


How many of you shouldn’t be here too? How many of you were counted out? Made a statistic? Feel like the underdogs? I am here to tell you – our academy will provide you the resources and information you need to step the hell out of obscurity and become the person that God intended you to be. You can’t see it yet.


You have Gifts and Talents. You just have to get a little uncomfortable to begin noticing your worth.


Remain uncomfortable,


Stacy A. Cross

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