Ebong Eka Explains How to Simplify Your Business Plan Into 4 Steps

Comfort Killers,

I had the utmost pleasure of speaking with Ebong Eka recently for our company’s purpose of teaching MILLIONS how to get uncomfortable.

Ebong is a small business expert who appears regularly on FOX News, FOX Business, Huffington Post Live, CNN, MSNBC and many more – add to that remarkable line up, The Comfort Killers. CKN (lol).

It was an honor to chop it up with Ebong about his childhood upbringing and how he was able to become a dominant figure in the entrepreneurship space as an international speaker, CPA, consultant, and author of a very needed book, Start Me Up! The No Business Plan – Business Plan. For one I hated the traditional business plan so it was good hearing from someone else how it was slowing many entrepreneurs down and how we were giving ourselves a false sense of security and hope, instead of tackling what matters.

Ebong Eka and The Comfort Killers

Ebong takes us on a journey from Canada to Nigeria. He goes from being passionate about basketball to being on purpose with his true life’s mission of helping people succeed. We learn about this and the 4 S’s in business development with are SIMPLE to learn and SIMPLE to implement.

Ebong is now  a part of our Comfort Killing community and we now have him in our resource bank – You have been given this resource and as Ebong says, learn how to expand and make use of resources given. After thousands of “NO” on his journey he has learned to accept the lessons and wisdom given from the universe. We want you to do the same.

To be a part of Ebong’s “EKAnomics” program visit here. To learn more about Ebong click on his supporting links below.

www.ebongeka.com | www.instagram.com/ebongeka | www.twitter.com/ebongeka


Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross