6 Tips to Creating Content For Your Personal Brand

Hello Comfort Killers,

I know you heard the same two things during deep search on starting your online business and developing your personal brand.

You probably heard: (a) Create content and (b) Do it consistently.

In all reality, when I launched The Comfort Killers, I hadn’t the slightest idea of where to pull content from until it became clear that I was the content. Many of us do not understand this concept of using yourself as the created content so I will like to first share what I have done to continue finding relevant content to publish.

  • What is the space I am targeting or industry I am in? 

Develop the answer to this first. When I first created this company, I knew I had to somehow ‘get uncomfortable’ in my every day life – which means getting up early, reading books, learning more about business, tailoring my experiences and defining my industry. This company began in the self-help industry. You may be in the real estate industry, or the coaching industry or the e-commerce industry – whatever. Once you define your space then it is easier to build content around it through you.

  • What beliefs, values, and characteristics am I representing through myself about my industry?

The self-help, personal development space is flooded. But it’s only flooded in one pond. I found that in order to be heard I had to either jump to another pond or create at minimum a swimming pool of my own. I decided to jump to another pond. What I mean by this is figure out your value ADD. What makes you different – what makes your product different. I personally am different because I am African-American, Gay, and a woman. People can see that right off the bat. But then what makes me different in this industry is my no ‘back-pat’ approach. I say what I want to and I do not care who catches offense.

I did not want to be Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, or any of the greats. I wanted to show my true self. I fumble over words – I am showing that I am imperfect and striving for greatness. I am showing that I am real. Now – Look at real estate. Are you going to be that well-dressed investor that spits numbers and formulas? Are you going to be that t-shirt and jeans guy or gal that is in the trenches? Are you going to be the leader? What beliefs, values and characteristics are you going to represent in your space?

If you share your values, beliefs – then you make it content.

  • What vehicle will take you there?

Social media has made much of our global world smaller, more reachable, more attainable and digestible. Social media will do what yesteryear advertising and billboards cannot do. They are expensive – and maybe will not carry your personal branding message far into the galaxy like a Facebook Ad can and will. There are plenty of vehicles however – not just social media. But get this. Social media is the backdrop of everything.

I was at my barber shop the other day. He asked me questions on business and how he can get out of obscurity, he was really good at what he does. I asked if he had any videos on YouTube teaching people how to cut hair, a video about his story and why he started to cut hair, videos on his business and how he can help you look your best. Videos on why clipper A is better than clipper B or how to even maintain your haircut in 3 simple steps if you do not have time to see a barber within a 2 week time. He answered no to every one of them. Then I asked to see his Instagram page. I plugged in his name which included an underscore, numbers, and some letters, not just his NAME, and his Instagram account was set to private. What is wrong with this picture?

I will tell you. People want to do business with you but have to go through a loop hole to know who you are. Who are you? What do you do and how can you help me? Other vehicles may be through speaking, seminars, books, coaching, TV, radio, etc. etc. What vehicle will take you there?

  • What is your mission and purpose?

Before I found out my mission, I was a lost cause. I would do things just to do them. They were not purposeful at all. Everything that I did was scattery. Once you define your mission which ties back to your WHY, you can only focus on activities that align with it. For instance, you want to be a fitness trainer. Your mission may be to change 1 million people’s life through mental and physical training. Now you know everything you do around your personal brand and company should embody this mission. It’s easier to focus now. You have an end game. The question when you get up should be: Who am I going to meet today whose life will be changed!

  • Consistency and Productivity

Content comes from the inside out. Yeah, sure you can go curate content which I highly recommend especially when it comes to stats, facts and relevancy. You can always use what is already out there and add your two cents in it. But you must be consistent. Mark your calendars. Put a stat to it. Every day you will be doing what?

3 Blog Posts a week (1 opinion, 2 informational)

2 Facebook Lives a week (1 Monday – 1 Saturday)


  • What are you selling?

Once you figure out your core profit center, you are able to build and create content around that. Most content that I get come from people that email me their questions about whatever it is they need to do to move ahead in a certain area. A lot of people come to me for exposure, marketing, branding and of course, motivation. I use frequently asked questions to build more content. Instead of answering common questions or pain points – create a video, blog post, Facebook live and social media drips around your answer. Then within each of those, sell the solution to their problem.

If you need more help with this aspect of your business, we can help you; fill out the form below!

They thing is – we are already creating content. Every piece of information that you put out, every photo, meme, status update, blog post ties back to you. All you have to do is redirect the right people to it and make it purposeful.