The 10X Growth Con Documentary: A Search For Comfort Killers


This was our experience at the 2017 10X Growth Con and it was AMAZING! Comment, like and share this video!

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Really professional editing. I loved Stacy's enthusiasm for what the interviewees were saying. She looked like she genuinely appreciated every single person she spoke to. Love that. Hope to see you speak at growthcon 2018 - I already got my ticket! (Jesse Dvorak)
This documentary nailed it! Real people sharing their stories how they got to GrowthCon. What people are doing to change their lives and the people in it!!! It's very inspiring! Don't want to miss out on going next year! STACY A CROSS IS THE BOMB! Love you girl (Jamie Figueroa)
That was amazing, inspiring, and everyone was on point! You and your team did an awesome job! (Tameera Corporal)
It was an amazing documentary. Comfort Killers really captured the true spirit of what the 10X Growth Con was about, getting connected to like minded individuals. (Lance Smith)
Stacy and her crew got surprising access by walking the talk and getting pushing past the possibility of being told "no" to filming. The Comfort Killers asked the tough questions (no "softballs", no platitudes and got real and raw responses from the names we know while introducing us to some we will know! True 10X effort - Stacy and the Comfort Killer crew over delivered! (Rick Lawson)
The 10X Growth Con Documentary captured the energy, passion, and what it means to be a comfort killer. It is raw, real, and isn't full of any hype or BS. The truth about this movement came to fruition through this film. (Kyle Hendrix)
My thoughts after watching The Comfort Killers Documentary from the #10XGrowthcon was an amazing experience.From Stacy A Cross giving us the back stage interviews from people beating all odds just to get their . Plus showing us all that no matter what we all have gifts to inspire & help others to achieve them too .Stacy brought it raw & real Even getting more out of her comfort zone . Mixing with all levels of business men & Woman but all treat equal . This truly hit my heart to know I can achieve more than I'm doing & to get more out of my comfort zone to inspire others to do the same .Five Star ⭐️ from me From listening to Stacy A Cross story how she turned her life around from gambling addiction to creating an mission movement that was truly shown through this documentary OUTSTANDING (Tracey Hilder)
The 10X Growth Con documentary captured the essence of the event. I love how Stacy & her team were able to capture transparent conversations while showing the power of this event. When people ask me what is 10X Growth Con my answer is "watch the documentary". (LaDawn Towsend)
The documentary was great ! Crushed it (Chris Frye)
This documentary captured the energy and the life changing event that 10XGROWTHCON was and will be again in 2018. Stacy has a gift of asking the right questions and interviewing people that are Comfort Killers and did Whatever It Takes to make it to this event. I look forward for her future documentaries. (Dario Rosario)