There’s No Better Time Than Now to Say F*CK IT! I’m Going All In!

Go All In
  • by Stacy Cross
  • Mar 20, 2017
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Go All In!

You’ve been thinking about starting something – or better yet, finishing something you started. That thing that had you feeling like you were on top of the world, but due to financial, familial, or societal obligations had to put on the back burner.

There were many things that I started, stopped, felt guilty about and then quit all together. Why is that? Why is it we cannot stick to something consistently until it POPS! I will tell you why – Because we weren’t instantly gratified. The love of having instant gratification has killed more dreams than inexperience will ever do. Another reason is, you have not adapted to change well.

At first, The Comfort Killers wanted to wake up the world with a new movement to ignite the lazy, unfocused, conventional minds across the world. As soon as I realized that the unmotivated will not buy a book much less read a FREE article, I readjusted. It’s simple. We go into business to change the world, ourselves and situation, not to play games with our time. Maybe, your business model sucks.

I listened as a young entrepreneur asked Jay Abraham a question at the 10X Growth Con about scaling his coffee business. Adding strategy and tact to it. Jay Abraham answered with diligence and expertise – then Grant Cardone comes in and says his idea sucks and he needs to reshape it. That was powerful for me to hear. Why? Because, you may be walking around with an idea that needs reshaping, a model that needs implementation, or a business that is better off being a non-profit. People need to hear the TRUTH!

No one wants to be told that their baby is ugly. I used to get offended. It was like a blow to your creative intelligence. But what do you think is really going on? Say f*ck it and go all in! Subtract what doesn’t work and increase what does.

Go All In!

Here I am at the Growth Con among 2500 entrepreneurs and business owners, wannatrepneurs, hustlers, play makers, movers, speakers, shakers, and influencers. My business model has forever changed due to the knowledge and experience I put myself in. Look! I didn’t come to the Growth Con to take notes – I bought the LIVE STREAM for that that I will watch on my time at a later date. Maybe even on PD SUNDAYS

The came to this conference to GO ALL IN! The difference between me and you is that I had a battle plan – I had a target that I was willing to aim at and SHOOT every time. I came to build funnels. I didn’t come to drink and have fun. That’s the difference.

When you go all in – you are unstoppable. Your whole freaking AURA is buzzing beauty and intent. People see your focus and they know you mean BUSINESS pal! So how do you go all in this time?

All In

Get Tools and Get Schooled

  1. Cut off anyone in your immediate circle that doesn’t get it.
  2. Get a mentor. If you don’t have the money get a fucking book.
  3. Shave off the FAT – Shave off any parts of your business that needs not be there. Meaning it doesn’t lead generate, prospect, or add value.
  4. Eliminate time wasters. Entrepreneurs that go all in do not have time to scroll Facebook or Instagram, switch it way off!
  5. Invest in yourself.
  6. Reinvest in your business ONLY.
  7. Promote like a fool. If you think self-promotion is bad? Then go curl up in front of the T.V and enjoy your life. Promote like a madman!
  8. Watch your finances like a HAWK! Eliminate non money making services. Cable?
  9. Get your freaking LLC – Start really moving the bar for yourself.
  10. Stop – starting and stopping – Stick with it. Every day do something else for your business, no matter how small. Momentum is a hell of a thing!
  11. Be around other entrepreneurs. Why oh Why people hang around their up-to-no-good friends and expect them to know and love what you are doing.

If you need more help GOING ALL IN – Let’s COACH!

Remain uncomfortable,