The Road to 10X Growth Con

10X Growth Con
  • by Stacy Cross
  • Mar 06, 2017
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The Road to 10X Growth Con is a Journey for Comfort Killers


10X Growth Con is the first of its kind. Grant Cardone, international sales expert, best selling author and motivational speaker has summoned the world’s greatest minds in business to share their secrets of power. You are bound to elevate your market share with information provided by the likes of, Grant Cardone, Daymond John, Jay Abraham, Les Brown, Kevin Harrington, Lewis Howes, Bobby Castro and many more. For some, this is the conference that can change their life over the course of a weekend. 

I walked out of a seminar last year. A seminar that was supposed to motivate me. I walked out because I understood that action was needed in order to create something, not motivation. I needed to be self-motivated. I walked out and created this company, The Comfort Killers. Now here I am walking back into another seminar, it’ll be the seminar I attend not for motivation but for expansion. 

Many business experts, owners, up and coming entrepreneurs that have skin in the game will be using the 10X Growth Con to move the needle of their bottom line. Many people have fought their way to a seat – many have earned it – all deserve it. Since I believe wholeheartedly that you are always in the right place at the right time, then you, no matter how crazy the attainment, belong. 

10X Growth Con

Find The Comfort Killers @ Growth Con

Our Comfort Killers are crazy, obsessed and willing to do whatever it takes to meet, network and branch out for the cause we created – a cause that holds true from day one until now – teaching millions, learning more, self-improve and grow our businesses. We are there to document everything. When I say document – I mean capture the essence of the people’s perspective, I mean find that one gal or man that didn’t pay their rent this month just to attend. Some sold a car, sold clothing and other stuff on eBay. The ones that don’t even know where to sleep that weekend. Some even networked on social media and made friends with another Comfort Killer just to go. 

Grant Cardone is a special type of business mind – he created a eco-system filled with obsessed people. These people want to change their lives and grow beyond what they currently know and have. He wants you to be successful, he put MILLIONS into this event and all you have to do is get there. 

We will be there. Our production team is on tilt right now – working around the clock to develop a system to meet and document you. We ask one question: “How did you get uncomfortable to get here?” Maybe two, “What makes you a Comfort Killer?”

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10X Growth Con

We created a FREE webinar to discuss our takeaways from Growth Con – to ensure that we give back when its fresh in our heads. We want to provide our Comfort Killers from all over the map a quick look into what we have learned, who we met and what coming to Growth Con meant for our business! I will be joined on this webinar by Thelonious C Jones (, Parchelle Hotten of Fresh Level Pro, and many more. Register now!