Do You Know How to Leverage to Get the Results You Desire?

  • by Stacy Cross
  • Mar 30, 2017
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Comfort Killers!

The definition of leverage is simply put, to use something valuable to achieve a desired result. It may come off negative but really it’s not – it’s all relating to the game you create and continue to create in life.

Do you leverage pawns in chess – I am sure you do.

Does the losing basketball team leverage having more fouls to give at the end of the game – I am sure they do.

Are you leveraging time and money? We all have.

When I noticed that zero people were documenting the recent 10X Growth Con and our teams were the only ones there, I decided to leverage the heck out of that. Almost instantly our team huddled and made a decision that we would make this thing bigger. Now! When you have exclusive content, what do you do now? You’re in a position to use it for gain. I want to help you understand how leveraging works and by the end of this article begin to use your time, money and opportunities differently.

  1. Leverage your time

We are doing way too much. I just realized just this past month that I need to scale back on the #HUSTLE and only focus on things that move me closer to a goal – only focus on the money making activities. Here is what is not a money making activity: scrolling Facebook, updating Facebook, updating any social media, checking email, checking stats, writing content etc.

You’re probably saying, Stacy you’ve lost it. I was in mystery too because most of the time I am doing things for my business that doesn’t come close to leveraging time for a desired result. Now, I want to create more time. We all do. We all need more of it doing things that create profits and create memories. That’s it. 16 hours grinding on Facebook is not the way – you will get a few more gray hairs than you started with. Me, I got a batch of grays now.

So, how do you know what’s important. Remember, if the activity you are doing during your business / entrepreneurial day does not make you money, then cut it out. I will explain how to cut it out in a paragraph or so. First, make a list of all the tasks and activity you do in a business day, or a week for your business. Second, put a check mark by those tasks and activity that actually generates revenue. Third, separate your list to ‘things that don’t generate revenue and things that does.’ Forth, now you will start to leverage time.

Good hustle time and time for profits and memories.

The activities under the non money making side of the list either needs to be delegated, outsourced or eliminated. You don’t have time for it. It is not creating your streams and it will not add to your dreams. (Just cause it rhymed)


2. Leverage people

We do this more than we think – As a child we would leverage our parents by asking mom one thing knowing that she will tell you to ‘ask your dad’ – You run to ask your dad and the first thing you say is ‘mom said it was okay’ You’ve been leveraging as a child.

In business, we leverage people’s network, their social influence and/or their power. I seen this in Growth Con like hell. We snap photos with a few influencers and do FB Lives with them, like the one I did with Kevin Harrington (Even though Kevin’s inside staff asked me to do it) – They’ve might have leveraged me, haha, not yet at least! So people leveraged people for their own social networks and authority.

In order to leverage people first you must be clear on what you are trying to produce, what is the desired result or really, you may just be a fan. I leverage working with Grant Cardone because many people have not. I leverage sitting with influencers because many people do not. My desired results are always to add more people into the movement and get them the products they need.

On a smaller scale, when you outsource or delegate you are still leveraging people for a desired result.

3. Leverage resources

You’ve been to a library right? It’s free. You leverage their computers, internet access, books and building. It’s simple. You say I need to start a business, don’t know where or how and then you go to the library’s business center all summer and use everything. Good for you! That’s the way to learn and leverage everything. Maybe you don’t have a computer or internet access and your just over broke.

You may even leverage some free workshops to get you started. Now your leveraging other people’s experience and knowledge. Awesome.

We can interchange the word leverage with tapping into. When you leverage something you are only tapping into.

When we get a credit card we are tapping into other people’s money. Everything is leveraged. Our 9-5s are totally upside down leverage. They are tapping into time from employees and paying way less than they are worth.

4. Leveraging YOUR worth

Do you know how to calculate your worth? Worth is defined as the fullest extent of ones value and ability.

You know people are leveraging you – it’s just what it is. Why are you know creating a plan to achieve greatness through others, from others, by others, with others.

If you had to calculate your worth what would it be?  We are so much more than what we think ourselves to be and that’s why I no longer want to waste time throughout my day. I want to ensure I get the valuable things done and move on to creating memories and experience.

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross

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