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How Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone Changes Your Life

BIO: I am father of 4 wonderful Children. Their ages are 5, 3, 2, 7 months. Time is precious. I am a supervisor in a manufacturing facility and work part time at a Home improvement retailer. With all this, in my spare time, I am building my brand to run my own business and escape the life that I have. My goal is to live the life that have always been told not possible for people like me. I never understood that-

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I worked with my dad and started a very small knife sharpener sales website. We have solid ceramic knife sharpeners for a great price, this is just a couple of months after I started following Grant Cardone I was amazed with the value that the 1OX Rule was teaching me.

The first fear that was overcome here was actually getting out there, shooting videos, and starting a business with no idea on how to do it. Once we had gone through trial and error of website design, sales, and pricing, I decided to talk to my dad on how to blow this thing up. I wanted to start going live on social media and wanted promote everything through all of the social media platforms. He was very hesitant and did not think it would work.

So, I decided to use social media to prove him wrong. I was following Grant Cardone on Snapchat, and I thought, well, let’s just send him a snap and see what happens. I told him how my dad did not believe in social media and I wanted to prove that was valuable source of marketing a brand. That people like Grant Cardone could be reached through these platforms. That social media could be the best thing for the business. I sent him a brief description about all of this and he actually snapped me back. I was amazed. That right there, sending a snap chat to your mentor, a person you have never met, and a person, at least for me, is at celebrity status blew my mind that he took the time to respond.

This snap happened on a Thursday, and he told me to call in to his show on that Friday. I actually took time off from work to do this. I was scared to death to call in to that show. There were over 1000 people watching this on Facebook. Not to mention all of the people watching GCTV and YouTube. So, scared is an understatement. So, I went over to my parents’ house and went out to the yard. I am a person that has to be moving, especially when nervous. I saw when he went live from my Facebook notification, and then I called in.

They got my information and put me on hold. I could actually hear the show going on and what was being said. I do not remember what the show was even on. All I kept telling myself was to not hang up the phone. You are so close to talking to the man Uncle G. I could feel the sweat pouring off my head. I am not sure I have been this nervous before. But, I had to Stay the course.

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SO, then it happened, I heard that was on and started talking TO Grant. Wow. I talked about something with 10X and how his training has changed my way of life. He remembered the Snapchat and I told him that this proves that social media is not a waste of time, He gave my dad’s website a shoutout which was awesome and then we got off the phone.

At this point, I was so excited I could not help but shout it out to my dad, He was happy as well. I came and told him that we got shouted out on the Cardone Zone and that anything you set your mind to possible.

You see, I didn’t call them to sell ceramic knife sharpeners. I did it to see if I actually could do it. 10X my life and start dreaming of things and watch as they came true. This event has gotten me to start my own Social Media Marketing Agency If would have walked away from that phone call that day, would I have started this. I do not have that answer, but do not have to wonder what if now.

To do things and really crush this life, you have to be uncomfortable. When I started shooting videos, I couldn’t do it. But now, I whip out my phone with no issues and do everything in usually one take. Being uncomfortable temporary. The first time you drove a car, you were uncomfortable. Are you now? Probably not, but you practiced and made the uncomfortable comfortable. To truly grow, you have to practice things you are not good at to become and expert at them,

Most of us have been told to go to school, get a good education, to get a good job, to stay there for 40 years and retiree That is supposedly safe and living in comfort. But really, I have been through layoffs and they are not fun. I was laid off from the safe job. No backup plan and no vision for the future. Most people will live this way because of the comfort zone. This perception is a lie. To have true control you have to get out of your comfort zone, but who sets up what makes you uncomfortable? You do. So, if you come up with what is uncomfortable, you can change that to be comfortable. It may take time but you can do anything

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Most of the people that live in these so-called comfort zones will tell you how hard it is to start a business or how this or that doesn’t work. Most the time, they have never done any of this. SO how do they know. They don’t and never will unless they get out of their comfort zone.

Talking with Grant Cardone was very hard for me, but it was worth it. It helped me realize that there was nothing to be afraid of. This could be where you are now. You’re afraid to call that person, and make that decision. Are you afraid to fail? I have learned that I am much more afraid of regret than I am failure.

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