Day One in the Books @ #10XGrowthCon (The Comfort Killers Experience)

Comfort Killers, 

I just finished a Facebook live about influence and the reason I am grateful currently. Someone asked a question, “Stacy, who was the most inspirational person you met on Day One, what speaker moved you?” My answer – The most inspirational people I met were not on stage. They were in the audience, in attendance, taking action to change their lives. I listened to stories upon stories of why people need to keep growing and how they stepped outside of their comfort zones. 

My strategy is simple: hunt Comfort Killers down and provide them a platform to promote themselves.  If I was in passing the very least I would do is ask how we can help them. Our company has now grown way past just motivational videos and me screaming on Facebook lives about writing your goals down and taking control back in life! 

I know that motivation has got to come from self  – that is why I walked out of a seminar back in Feb 2016. I knew and understood this, so my approach is quite different now – It is all about planning and having laser focus on THAT one thing! These 10Xers are all Comfort Killers, from kids to grown men and women – from those who have failed, scraped knees to those who have failed and lost a leg. It is THAT real. Everyone has something to sell but more than a product, they are selling themselves. They are networking like their life depends on it – They have notes that look like a full blown novel – they are here for something special. They are here to BLOW the hell up. 

That said, I ask you – What have you done to invest in yourself? What steps have you taken to create great. I even had to ‘evolve’ my personal to outfit growth. I cannot do the same things that I did to get me here. I must continue those things AND add new strategy on top of it. That is what I learned today. 

Three Things I Did to Get Uncomfortable Today

  1. Move ahead of the crowd. 
  2. Ask, Ask, and Ask
  3. Add Value