How to Live Outside of The Box and Break Your Comfort Zone by Doris Hobbs

Live Outside the Box

The greatest enemy to your future success is being in a state of comfort. I find those who are comfortable live in a trypophobia of fear which includes both mediocrity and regret. Over the past years as an Entrepreneur, Author, Model, Diabetes Advocate and Founder of Rich in Love Fashion I’ve found that one of the keys to personal growth is surrounding yourself in the most uncomfortable situations life can provide you.

During the first year of my diagnosis as a type 1 diabetic my business mentor had me explore a number of uncomfortable situations in my life, in those experiences I learned why I would react the way I do, how to create a clear vision, important networking tools and more importantly how to live a life of being uncomfortable. I remember she had put it to me this way, “Your life is ruled by your paradigms, you are the only limitation.”

Here is the problem, we all live a box lifestyle, we get ready in a box, eat out of a box, drive in a box to go to a box, to only get back into the box to drive back to the first box we had left. The funniest thing is that if you asked anyone why they lived such a box lifestyle they wouldn’t be able to provide you with a clear answer, it would be an excuse attached with another excuse to comfort the first excuse. No one wants to feel uncomfortable, I believe it stems from childhood to always play it safe. Your growth truly comes when you explore new skills and ventures, not to mention getting real with your goals which includes a pen and paper.

The key to this is one word – Consistency, it’s that simple. Typically, everyone has an excuse why they aren’t where they want to be. I am here to tell you to stop with the nonsense and embrace the uncomfortable situations in life. If you don’t like something occurring in your life you are the only one that can ultimately change it. You can ask a million people for their advice, but would only be provided with a million unfulfilled answers which aren’t designed for the race you are indented to run.

At the end of the day, if all you do is take one step towards a sought-after goal or dream you are closer than you think to achieving success and living outside the box.

Doris Hobbs