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  • by Stacy Cross
  • Feb 12, 2017
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Add Value to Social Media

Comfort Killers! It’s Saturday – I just finished up my Ebook for a LIVE upcoming webinar: How to Buy Your First Rental Property with Thelonious C Jones of U.D.I Group. Thelonious is a rock star in entrepreneurship and we may just be a few of the realest one left. The reason I say this is because we are putting our boots to the ground and our knuckles to the pavement – we don’t have a huge engine to funnel customers through – we are taking out the Rolodex and hitting up our power base. We are noticing a disconnect between social media and value.

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I used to scroll Facebook for hours – liking posts from family and friends, wishing them a happy birthday, even sometimes creeping on old colleagues and exes. Come on, you’ve done it too. It was a year ago that I completely switched off the spectator life and turned on the designer or player life. I wanted to USE social media and not have it USE me. I took notes from the greats. I credit a lot of what I learned through books such as the ones mentioned in my top 10 book listAside from that, I just knew that it wasted valuable time. It’s like spending hours on the phone with no end game. What are we trying to get out of this conversation? A conversion? Laughs? Fun? an Experience? A sale? A reference? What is it? 

Thelonious and I had a very brief discussion about how people portray their businesses online and how we are using it to our advantage. We don’t want to do the things we are seeing. We want to provide value and so much of it that people are thirsty for more. 

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So how do you ADD value on social media? Well first off, I watched Thelonious work an action plan that built his YouTube following to over 1000 in under 2 months. You may think he did it by screaming “please subscribe” a million times in all of his videos but that is just not the case at all. You ma think he even paid for advertisement and people or he worked some tag and description aggregation for more thumbs up and subscribes. He didn’t pay a social media agency to boost his reach – all he has been doing was laying down consistent content with a new video (sometimes 3-5) daily. 

We all want more customers, more engagement and more followers. Well the only difference is the fact that it looks pretty but you have to ask yourself. .. what is the end game? How can you provide premium content and add value to people that trust you enough to purchase a product? Well the real deal is you must be visible, honestly you need social media and a social media action plan in any business. You find what works best for you and for your product delivery. What I have learned is that most business owners including myself are focused on time and energy savers. I remember when I was spending 4 hours making posts for all my channels: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. It was exhausting that got me followers and likes but no actual sales. What was it worth? 

Plan to add value by doing more of what you love not what social media experts are telling you to do. 

  1. Use easy applications and web services such as 
  2. Build a Social Media Plan without being on Social Media by using Hootsuite  and Buffer
  3. Spend to Conversion ratio. If you notice you are spending 8 hours in producing content just for twitter and Facebook without any value then you’re wasting your time. Especially if you hate it. 
  4. You’re social media accounts are your business accounts. There needs to be separation of your political view points, and excessive bantering about nothing
  5. Deliver content to those who care and it’s not all about sales and selling.
  6. Get a website to fall back on – it still holds major authority. 
  7. Plot and hold statistics on yourself so that you can determine time/result ratio. 
  8. Go where people are that talk about your specific industry – Groups, Forums, etc. and join the conversation
  9. Stick to the script – Stop playing the bandwagon. Be the creator of bandwagons. 
  10. Outsource your social media updates to an personal assistant for practically nothing and build a set of key processes around it so you can continue to create more of what you love!
  11. Take prospects OFF of Social Media once connection has been made: phone call, text, email, video conference – take them off and get connected personally. This shows true engagement. 

True value is creating what you love, doing what you love and sharing what you love to an audience that understands and appreciates you and your business. I try to personally answer all emails, messages, tweets in record time. This is my value add. I love reaching millions and I love teaching millions how to get uncomfortable.

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross

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