5 Impactful Ways to Turn Your Startup Fears into Power by Jessica Light

Startup Fear

5 Impactful Ways to Turn Your Startup Fears into Power

Starting a new business is scary. What if people don’t like your product or service? What will you do during the slow periods? What happens if you fail? These kinds of thoughts plague would-be entrepreneurs and can cause total paralysis, but it doesn’t have to be this way. If those ifs are holding you back, it’s time to convert them into launching power.

  1. Embrace Your Uniqueness

It’s not about whether your product or service has been done before. You’re going to do it differently than others have done anyway. It’s not about whether a “better” product exists or may hit the market at the same time as yours. They aren’t going to be the same, and different people want variations of the same thing. How many types of computers are there? How many types of phones are there? Social media venues? There are even thousands of shoe brands. They’re all different and there are many success stories.

  1. Validate Your Strengths

There seems to be no middle ground with entrepreneurs. They either believe they’re the best thing since sliced bread and their ideas are golden or they have secret fears that their idea won’t be accepted. The good news is, it’s very easy to have ideas tested by unbiased consumers. Whether you use surveys, send out samples, or host demonstrations, get your idea in front of people and listen to their feedback with an open mind.

  1. Recognize Your Weaknesses

Nobody is the best at everything, except for maybe Bo Jackson or Chuck Norris. The rest of us mortals have weaknesses alongside our strengths, but having weaknesses isn’t a reason not to start a business. It only means that you need to build those skills and surround yourself with people who already have them, so all the bases get covered.

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  1. Plan for Challenges

Odds are, you probably will run low on money while starting up and you may even launch during a tough economic time, but that doesn’t mean your business can’t be successful. Before you begin, make a list of the challenges that worry you the most and come up with 5-10 ways you’ll overcome them when they occur. You’re ready for this.

  1. Find a Mentor

Most companies and well-known entrepreneurs have a story. Successful companies don’t simply “happen” overnight; they’re the result of someone’s blood, sweat, and tears. Choose a few of your favorite companies or execs and research how they got their start. When you’re feeling low, refuel by considering how that person or organization would handle the challenge you’re up against.

Having fear about starting your own business is natural, and it can prevent you from doing some really foolish things, but if you listen to that fear too much, it can also stop you from moving forward. Instead of allowing it to paralyze you, listen to it and what it’s telling you. As you push past each fear that’s standing in your way, you’ll gain more momentum than you ever thought possible.

Jessica Light