Love and Grow with a New Year

Love and Grow with the New Year
  • by Shivhon Adkins
  • Jan 01, 2017
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A new year doesn’t always mean a fresh start, but you have the power of changing your mind everyday. This can mean a fresh start for you, your business and your family.  Have a fresh vision, and a fresh path. It only takes one to start the journey!   On Love and Grow Stacy and I discussed preparing for the year ahead no matter what your goals are.  The hype and excitement of a new year often breeds broken promises, bad commitments, and sometimes unattainable goals.  Use the momentum of the New Year to look at your plans and make sure you are not skipping steps or setting unrealistic goals.  When I say unrealistic, I’m not saying don’t think big or grand. I mean, don’t say your are going to travel out of the country and  haven’t even obtained a passport.  Be strategic, don’t skip steps, include the actions that will get you where/what you are working towards.  It sounds simple but many people will skip steps and find themselves lost in what now remains a dream and not a reality.

If you have goals you may be well on your way to building your business, changing your health, and building better relationships.  Is your formula working?  Are you personally developing yourself? If so, awesome!! If not, where do you want to start and where/how do you want to see yourself, your business?

  • Write it all down, everyday!! You have the time, trust me.
  • Research-Learn-Read-Pay Attention-Take Action
  • Weed out all things and people that will not support you, this usually happens by default, don’t fight it
  • Kick the negative thoughts, and replace them with positive thoughts in all situations.
  • Get excited!!
  • Understand that it takes time, let the year, these next 365 days work for you.
  • You don’t have to start on the 1st, or on a Monday, or after you finish your blah, blah, blah! Start your 365 now, give yourself 15-30 minutes daily to start.  Hop off that wheel and get on your bike!
  • Engage in online and offline activities that support your goal, change, or business.
  • Embrace the outcomes and recap quarterly, perhaps you had many success and a few failures.  Maybe you had many failures and a few successes. Keep Going, you can pivot just DO NOT GIVE UP!
  • Repeat

Our personal journey allows for discovery, freedom, abundance, expansion, and change.  Blaming our short comings and failures on other people, places, and things doesn’t make us smarter, happier, or better organized.  It does not improve our situation or add value to our lives or businesses.  Recognize where you are and understand that you are there because that is where you decided to stop, you have the power to build you! Start with you, start now, get uncomfortable.

Shivhon Adkins