How Can we Make our Business More Like Carnival?

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  • Jan 11, 2017
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How can we make our business more like Carnival?

Since 2015 I have been spending my holiday season in St. Croix, USVI. This is where my family is from. Carnival in St. Croix takes place for 12 days Christmas through the twelfth day of Christmas which is January 6th- Three King’s Day. Yesterday was Carnival Parade, the parade is made up of different troupes. Each troupe has their own band, custom outfits and unique energy.

As I watched each troupes come by, I just was amazed by the positive energy. The colorful, eye catching outfits. The up beat music that you cannot prevent yourself from bouncing to. I thought to myself, how can I make my business more like Carnival?

The Comfort Killers


Each troupe that parades down the street has their own unique and creative style. The outfits are colorful, exotic, radiant. Is your business, your brand unique? Does it stand out from the other business and brands?

One lady, I will not forget, had a custom peacock outfit. Not only must you be creative to think about these designs but be vulnerable enough to display it in front of thousands. Is your business your brand willing to kill comfort and become vulnerable to the marketplace? Are you willing to create, then display your vision to the world?

Positive Energy

One thing about each troupe’s the energy is cranked up! But I must admit, some of the “troupers” interact with the crowd more than others. They spread their positive energy just a tad bit more the others. How can you spread a little more love? How can you spread some positivity to your customers or clients? How can you create a positive lasting moment in your client’s mind with your brand?


Each troupe was unified. Honestly I believe that had to do a lot with the positive energy. It is much easier to be unified when the energy is right. Also your clients and customers will recognize if your company operating as one unit, you will attract more customers when you display unity within your on company and brand. How can you create more unity in your business? How can you display unity with your brand?

Carnival is an experience like no other. How can we make our business our brand the same? Outgoing, energetic, upbeat, live, joyful, rich. Think about some ways to make your business more alive! Write down how to make your business, your content a memorable event in your clients mind.

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