Give Yourself Permission to Succeed

Give Yourself Permission
  • by Stacy Cross
  • Jan 29, 2017
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Give Yourself Permission to Succeed

What I had to do to switch my frame of mind to success

No matter which way you slice a pie – it’s still a pie. Even if you so much as to take a sliver of a crumb, a quarter of a crumb, it’s still a pie. That’s how I summed up that I was a creator just like the Almighty GOD! I mean, if we were made in His image and our souls and higher selves are from His likeness, wouldn’t be only that we create like Him? 

That was the first step to my understanding of how powerful I was and how powerful everyone is, if they only recognized it for themselves. We are creators. We can have anything we want in this universe and on planet earth and the only problem that disallows this is ourselves. 

Some are saying Stacy, this is too deep. I didn’t come here to learn about GOD – Well, if you want to learn about yourself, then its only right you connect with the source to create everything. This is not a article about GOD. 

Step 1: Unlearn Everything

I wrote this article early on and you should read it. It provides data that will be useful to your growth. I explained in it that you only need one book and you must unlearn everything you were taught. For me it was, unlearning how to behave around people. Unlearning how to speak around people. Unlearning how to ask for what I wanted. Unlearning my debilitating money habits. 

This article is about unlearning. 

As I walked up towards the Casino Royale – 163 FT Yacht, I whispered to myself, Stacy – you are doing it. You are now moving towards everything you created. wow. Stop and breath and say thanks. That is exactly what I did. I stopped, looked around and whispered, “thank you”  Who was that person speaking to me inside my head? Who was that thinking those thoughts? What is that thought? 

Give Yourself Permission

I realize that thought, such an amazing thought to think was my new creative, controlled self. I was telling my body and physical self to take it all in, say thank you and recognize what I have done this past year leading to this moment. 

Our thoughts are everything. What is the more powerful you saying to yourself? Are you always thinking, you can’t do something? That someone is always out to get you? That you don’t belong? I know many people in my past that just wouldn’t belong on this yacht. They would be afraid to touch, afraid to look, afraid to ask, afraid to come off like they don’t know, afraid to accept and yes, afraid to give themselves permission. This was me once upon a time. Permission is everything. 

Step 2: Trust the Process

I wrote this article a while back as well and you should read it. It’s an article about taking action and understanding that seeds need to be planted before they are grown. Seeds need to be watered with the right amount of action! I was just listening to Joel Osteen and his message resonated with me. He spoke about being pregnant – which is funny because after my Grant Cardone Interview, before hearing Osteen’s message, I spoke about being pregnant 9 months with this company. I kept stating that, “I am finally giving birth” 

What is taking place is a little known fact. Something happens inside when you let go of where you think you are supposed to be at this exact moment with your 2 weeks of “productivity” or month of “thinking all the right things” or 4 months of “meditation” This is the main problem people quit. Because they want 5 year results without 4 years of work. I have learned to LOVE and TRUST the process. I have learned to walk around pregnant with something that was changing inside. Here is a quick think for you. 

Give Yourself Permission

You’re looking at Gary Vaynerchuk’s videos all day long – you get inspired. You are so inspired that you want the type of results Gary Vaynerchuk has. You want it all! You try this thing, that thing, you are not seeing Gary Vaynerchuk’s type of results. You get frustrated. Not once did you think about the years that Gary put into honing his skill, his level of articulation, his craft, his business acumen, his gut, and building his business intuition. Nope! You see him on YouTube and Instagram and Snapchat and wonder why you cannot pull of the same work ethic. 

First off, he has a team and you have one person. Secondly, go watch his first video and tell me if that is the same person that’s sitting down talking about wine that you see today talking about owning the Jets, and Media Companies. Yep, sure the core is there. But he trusted his process. People tend to look at someone else’s thing and think to themselves, in contempt, “I can do that” – They never really give themselves a chance to grow – to learn – to fail – to make a fool of themselves.

Keep trying to be like Gary or Grant when you ONLY need to be YOU. Trust YOUR process, no one else’s. That’s real. 

Step 3: Have Fun!

I never in a million years – or at least in one year, would have thought, I would be writing “Have Fun!” – ha ha. Wow. How much I have grown. Why have fun? Well, If you’re not living and loving and having fun then you might as well die. I got up at 4:30 A.M today because it’s fun to work on my business. It’s fun to read for me now. It used to be a chore. I remember how hard it was, but I needed to change and needed to take drastic measures to change that I would regiment myself to an early start everyday. Not long after, it was a habit, and now it’s fun. 

Give Yourself Permission

It’s also necessary to have people who enjoy life around you. Giving yourself permission to be around vibrant, loving and ambitious people will make you feel so good about the work, long hours, negotiations, selling, prospecting, grinding and hustling that you jump out of bed to do it. I dislike soggy faces, the types that always are negative, never smiles, never has anything good to say. When you are around these type of people, you will be lost just like them. In this step – You need to get rid of them and gather new people around you. New faces that been from different places. 

I acquired a whole new team. I don’t need folks to weigh me down and I will never do that to any of them. So Have Fun and let go! Be foolish. You are not judged here. 

Captain Kurt - Give Yourself Permission

BONUS: Overcoming Fear

Fear for me now is just an indication that I need to do it. I need to be here. I need to go through this experience, I need to learn something new or I need to get off my ass. When I used to feel this human emotion, it used to paralyze me. Made me lose a sense of control and fall back into comfort. Now, fear motivates me, pushes me to levels beyond what I want into what I want to become. There is a level of knowing that you receive once you give yourself permission to succeed. There is a level of understanding that the chips are landing exactly where they need to be. The chips are falling in exact order. 

It takes time folks. It takes less time than you think but more time than you believe. Or, vice verse. The number one rule is to learn how to be yourself and when to switch to be something else. Being someone bigger than yourself is to grow. You may want 5 year results with 1 month work. That will never work. The more fear you receive is an indication that you are on the right path.