How to Find a Business Partner and Grow Your Business

How to Find a Business Partner

So many failed attempts at sourcing and keeping business partners in the past left a negative stench on my future needs. In business, and in life – you need people. Businesses are not built by one man machines and if they are, it’s usually in the early stages of startup where we see one young gal or man churning out product and services late night. I was just like this.

In the past, I had officially two business partners. One, my high school friend and my second business partner attempt was with an individual that connected with me off of craigslist. Both partners didn’t last and it was totally my fault. Both instances in business development, I never wanted to relinquish control. I had a hoarder and selfish mindset. Everything is mine, this is my baby and no one can come close to it. I was over protective and it was hurting the business – the baby, in the end.

Business Partner

I’ve learned to open up.

If you have a full bottle of water and want more water, you have got to get used to giving some away. That’s just the way the universe works. If you want to achieve a goal – you have better get used to sacrificing something. I am 100% focused on growth and a baby shouldn’t be over protected or else it will not be able to grow.

In this video, me and my business partner, James, explain the rules of partnership and the rules of growth. We hope this ends the negativity around building a business with a partner or investor. We were totally disgusted with an article we read regarding this subject where it explained 10 reasons why partnerships will not work. We were so disgusted that we created this content around it. Enjoy it!

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Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross