• by James Freedom
  • Jan 08, 2017
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A lot of people believe that I am fearless. As an attorney, I have traveled the world working in challenging jobs and handling the most difficult clients.

Stateside I have moved dozens of times- each time pursuing a better opportunity.

I have run marathons and was lucky enough to finish the Boston marathon last year.

I have been yelled at by customers and been challenged to deal with their most trying problems. I have had a variety of bosses and organizations to work with.

I gotta tell you a secret- through it all I have been terrified.

Yes- it is true. From childhood I have been scared of change and challenge. I can be a professional worrier if I allow myself to be!

So how do I overcome fear to be successful – to do something that keeps me up at night?

Well – I accept the fear and do it anyway. And no – the fear doesn’t go away totally – at least not for me. But by taking massive action towards a goal I can conquer fear.

So stop analyzing fear or discussing your fears. It never helped me to discuss my particular fears. The only thing was just to do what I feared. Even a little step towards accomplishing the task will help- a phone call or an email perhaps.