Give Back and Expand Yourself

Expand Yourself

Expand Yourself

As I write this, I am preparing for my second (free) public speaking engagement. You might ask why I would choose to speak in public…and why do it for free? Let me explain.

Like many others, I have learned that growth accelerates when we get out of that soft, cushy, safe, warm, familiar comfort zone. Public speaking does this for me. It helps me grow. It gives me the opportunity to share what I have learned. It gives me instant feedback on what I can improve. It gives me the ability to connect with new people and hear their story. It gives me the opportunity to help more people – and this in turn helps me.

The first time I spoke in public, I presented to a class of drafting students at a technical college.

The instructor introduced me. As I stepped in front of my audience my heart was pounding. My voice shook. I was sweating. I was the definition of nervous. My notes suddenly seemed ill-prepared. I questioned my topic, and wondered why I was here.

Could I truly have a positive impact on these students?

Did they give a shit about what I was here to tell them?

And then it changed.

I began to talk to them about helping people. I told them that if they wanted to get ahead, they needed to put their clients and employers before themselves. Offer to serve, work hard, go the extra mile, build the relationship with the client – truly care about them, go all in. Add value wherever possible. Give to get.

Once I tossed my notes aside and just spoke from the heart it all started to flow…before I knew it 45 minutes had gone by and I was done.

The experience was exhilarating. I had faced a fear and killed it. I had no idea if my presentation had inspired anyone, but to my surprise it had. The instructor received positive feedback from the students. Flash forward seven months later and the star student is now working for us. She has changed our business and has given us the ability to scale up and offer value that is 10X what we were previously offering. The concept of giving in order to receive truly works.

You don’t have to speak in front of an audience to get out of your comfort zone, but make damn sure whatever you choose challenges you and scares you. Use these feelings as a compass…if you are more scared of doing a particular thing, that is likely the one that will help you grow the most. Go in that direction. The more you improve yourself, the more people you can help.

If I can help you in anyway, please let me know.


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Kevin Klaassen has been active in the construction industry since 1999, and is currently a co-owner of a thriving home building business. He has found success via building relationships and putting the client first. In addition to growing the home building business, he is also focusing on developing a training business which will give him the ability to reach more people and improve more lives.