What’s Stopping You from Succeeding? Let Me Know!

The Comfort Killers

What’s Stopping You from Succeeding?

You will whine about it and maybe even a tear of hopelessness will fall from your face and land in your hand. You will look at this tear drop and spend an enormous amount of time asking it questions. Why? Why? Why me?

Success is for the taking but some will never ever live out their dreams and actually attain success. They will actually work against their own success.

This article is to give you power. The intent here is to provide you a ridiculous amount of positive power so you will throw that one tear out of your sight and move the hell on. Get over it.

Here is what you need to know now about success. My definition of success is growth towards your potential – Impacting lives and adding value to others for wealth, health, happiness, strength, love. You can provide an impact on a micro or macro scale. You can be Mother Theresa on one end or try to get us to a new planet on the other end like Elon Musk.

You can do it on any level. You can provide so much value that you become a multimillionaire – billionaire for it. Or you provide so much value that you are provided wealth, happiness and loyalist. So many people follow you and look to you for guidance like Jesus. Why not? What’s stopping you from adding LOVE to the world? Jesus Christ provided so much value that we are signing his praise still – many, many years after. This is legacy. Jesus wasn’t hiding around in his dad’s home scared to confront this mission and purpose because it made people hate him. Nope! He tramped on, being ‘different,’ speaking his word and was definite about his purpose.

Jesus didn’t take the weekends off because he wanted to go hang with his boys. Nope, he worked every chance he got – he needed to spread his message to awaken the masses. Legacy doesn’t take days off. They don’t shed a tear of hopelessness, in fact they do the opposite. They walk with confidence, they believe in themselves and do it keep going by any means necessary.  So, what’s stopping you?

Maybe it’s your favorite football team or the need to relax and get comfortable. Maybe it’s your parents back pats – telling you that you shouldn’t take that risks and you should find a nice girl or guy to settle down with, I mean they want grandkids, right?! Maybe it’s your work environment. You are putting so much work in that you lose sight of your own thing. Maybe it’s your eating habits. You feel so tired and lethargic and you are unable to move forward with growth. Maybe your just plain old lazy and rather lay around all day. Or is it your negative friends from ‘back in the day’ – your bestie, the ones that never want you to venture out on your own because they are really afraid of what you will become. What about your upbringing. Is your upbringing stopping you from succeeding?  If you believe this then there’s more to work on.

I actually know what’s stopping you – but I want you to find this out on your own. Send me an email stacy@thecomfortkillers.com and share with me this one thing! What is stopping you from succeeding. I will let you know if you are on the right path as far as mindset is concerned. Remember, I don’t give back pats!

Remain uncomfortable,


Stacy Cross