Overcome Societal Pressure Through Discomfort by Dave M. Boddy

The Comfort Killers


By: Dave Matthew Boddy

It is a simple reality, society wants you to remain comfortable, and society wants you to be a duplicate. Society honestly feels while you are comfortable you are stagnant, and you are easily swayed and conditioned. Society is intelligent when it comes to conditioning people, and it is the comfortable ones who are easily conditioned. You need to remember the fact you are here to be the first of you.

No one is here to follow, we are all here to lead our own lives, and it begins with realizing your self-worth, it all begins with confidence. When you are aware of your true worth you are harder to condition, thus you are exactly what society fears. Society will be convinced through your passion of being uncomfortable, when society observes you daily pursuing your dreams with no care in the world, you will cause a rift within society, you will inspire many around you to pursue as well.

Your passion and the ability to chase it is what allow you to no longer be conditioned. Your passion is a huge part of you, it is genuinely an important part. Our dreams, our goals, our talents, our traits, our passions are unique for a reason. There is no intent whatsoever for us all the be the same, and for therefore it is unnatural to conform. You naturally do not want to conform, however, you feel it is the normal way of life, as you are conditioned growing up to conform.  When you are in that position where you feel pressured to conform, and you feel uneasy with it, this is due to you realizing it is not what you want to do.

You need to remain true to yourself in this world, it is vital, and it is crucial for your well-being. There is a reason we become stressed when we are in situations we do not want to be in, it is going against our purpose. Our purpose is to create a life where it best shows who we are. So many individuals are living lives that contradict their true selves. They continue to live this life as they find it easier to conform as opposed to staying true to themselves.

The Comfort KillersThis is a sign of lack of confidence and self-awareness, and is why I am so frustrated when people are more aware of the lives of celebrities than they are of themselves. Trying to live your life through others is a sure ingredient to continuous failure. You cannot look at someone else’s life and feel their result is one you want. No, you need to design your own blueprint to life, and you do this with being confident in uncomfortable situations. Societal pressure is all around us, and it is more powerful than peer pressure, as societal pressure can also influence peer pressure. We live in a society where the average life is built for us by society. We allow so much societal influence into our minds that we lose control of ourselves. When we lose this control, we lose all our power. When we lose all our power we lose the ability to stay true to ourselves. Society has conditioned us that being comfortable means safety, which is false.  Society has a mindset and focus that disallows personal growth and personal success, and for this reason societal pressure is not guaranteed to fulfill the promise you are guaranteed success. It is all bogus, but so many have been conditioned for so long that they are unable to switch their mindset to believe the reality. The reality is that you will never succeed being comfortable, I mean you will succeed at the same level as everyone else, however, as for your goals and dreams, you will never acquire them with following societal pressure.

Get Uncomfortable

You need awareness on who YOU are, and you need focus on YOUR goal and passions. Otherwise you will live a plastic smile life, which is where you pretend you are happy on the external, all while internally you’re slowly breaking. Those who follow society feel they are accomplishing something as they see results they are seeing from others; thus, they feel part of the group and accepted. You need to focus on being the real you to allow everyone else around you to know the real you. Following societal pressure only allows you to become a fake version of you.

We need more real in this world, and the real is never found within societal pressure, only the conditioned and fake follow society. They are individuals who love other delegating their lives, they are individuals who find it easier to conform and remain comfortable. They see what others are doing and feel it is normal, and therefore they conform due to not wanting to look different. All while they are oblivious to what just happened, they just chose to ignore who they are to follow others. They were unable to notice how choosing to remain comfortable was the same choice others have made. The ones who feel retiring at 65 years old is the goal, they feel there is safety guaranteed with a “secured employment”, and yet they have forgotten about all the times the economy hit recession, hundreds and even thousands of people were laid off or terminated. They follow the illusion that a job guarantees safety, when it does not. When you put your financial security in the hands of a business you are not guaranteed safety.

Job Security

Society loves those who are easily conditioned through being comfortable. It is time you kill that comfort by pursuing the REAL you. This version of you that likes to conform and be conditioned is not the REAL you. The real you needs to be noticed, and shown some respect. The real you needs to show the true power you possess. The real you needs to be able to show the society why it should never have had an opportunity to condition you. The real you continues being ignored, and it is being ignored by you. If you allow society to influence your life the real you remains hidden. This is that discomfort feeling within you, that is the real you trying to fight to be noticed.

You owe it to yourself to chase the life you’ve always dreamed about, and it begins with you choosing to no longer be comfortable with conforming. Make this choice today, and make it with genuine intent to overcome societal pressure. Overcome the comfortable with overthrowing what is uncomfortable.

An article by Dave M. Boddy, published by The Comfort Killers


Comfort in Discomfort